Monday, March 19, 2007


I am the slowest scrapper. I have now really come to realize this! I broke out the velum, the paint, the ink....just about everything in my stash this weekend...but, I'm still not done with my Circle Journal. *sigh!* I wish I had pictures of the 2nd mess I made...I had previously cleaned up the mess in my post below, but now there is a new and improved mess today! For some reason this project is really teaching me a lot about my style and my ART. I broke out a lot of things that I've had literally FOREVER and never used. I brought out old tools and found them to be new and exciting again. I've really had to "get creative" with my pages for the small space I chose in the 6x6. Even though I'm not done yet...I'm loving the results. Some mistakes have turned into some unexpected greatness. I got a great texture out of velum that I painted on. I got all freaky as I'm painting...all of a sudden the edges of the velum start curling up. "CRAP! what the heck!" Well after my {tiny} panic attack, I took it upstairs and decided to iron it. It turned out pretty cool. It's still wrinkly...which gives it great texture, but at least now it's flat. I'll post pictures once I'm all done. (hopefully that will be sometime this week!)
Not much else went on this weekend...I did go shopping and got some great new shoes from Gap. New shoes always make a girl happy!
*update on job situation* After thinking about it long and hard, I decided to take the new job. I'm excited and I think it's going to work out great. I think it's going to be a lot less stress so that is good. Of course though, right after I had mentally made my decision to go...I start getting all this recognition from my boss and co-workers. A few of my loan officers sent me gifts...Like I got $100 gift card to Nordstroms the other day and then today I get $300 in American Express checks from another one. I feel bad because they don't know I'm leaving yet. I haven't really told anyone except my boss. I guess I won't be getting any of these perks anymore! Hopefully there will be some new perks at the new job? I feel like I'm deceiving everyone. I told my boss that I'm going to be able to work at home...which right now is not true. Hopefully in the very near future I will be able to. But for right now, it's no. The only reason why I told him that, was because I didn't want to hear the speech that they give everyone who ever tries to leave know the one..."the grass isn't always greener on the other side".... etc..etc..etc... I had already mentally made my decision...I had already done all the weighing of good points and bad points...I just didn't want anyone to try and change my mind. So I made something up that I knew they couldn't come back and say anything about. Know what I mean? But now, I have all these managers coming up to me, congratulating me and telling me how lucky I am. So now I feel really bad! I'm going to have to do a little repenting for my fib.
Well anyways, there you have it...not much going on around here!


camport said...

I do that!!! The making up a tiny little thing as a way of saying, "No," b/c I can't say no, and it always turns into this huge thing.

Glad you can rest easy with your decision. Can't wait to see you CJ!! The vellum sounds so cool. I very, very, very rarely use vellum.

The envelopes I used in my CJ have been sitting in my box for at least 6 months, and the rub-ons I used I've had for over a year. I'm all about holding on to stuff.

Anyways, hope you're having a happy Monday


Melissa said...

Glad you made a decision you are happy with.

I'm not completely done with my CJ either, so it's ok. And, isn't a creative mess the BEST kind of mess? I love looking at my desk after a long day of's awesome!

Melissa said...

Yes, I like my kit. I have looked at others, but I like the price on this one and I like all the Bazzill I get (usually 6 sheets a month). I get both the dream and embellishment kits...

Kimberly White said...

My desk is a mess and I'm not done either. Trying to get at when I'm not sleeping or nauseated or playing with my little boy (my house looks like a tornado hit it) Glad you have peace with the decision you made - good for you! Don't worry about everything else going on. Have a good day! Kim