Saturday, March 31, 2007


So, yesterday was my first day at my new job. Has anyone ever had a good "first day"? On a scale of 1-10, 10 being really bad, I give my first day about a 6. So, it really wasn't that bad, but it really wasn't that good either. So I walk in the office right at 8:01 and everyone is already huddled around having a meeting. The best part about the whole thing is that I already know everyone in the office. Every one but 2 guys used to work with me at the old company. They all left about a year/year and a half ago to come to this company. It's a much smaller office. I am the 12th person on staff. The old place there were about 300 when business was real high, but in the last few years we've been about 80-100 people. Anyways, a lot more than 12! So as soon as I get there, they ask me to join the huddle and my cell phone beeps. The battery is going dead. Crap. So I of course explain what the beeping was and apologize for the interuption. Then they go into this big speech about cell phones and how if you have one you better keep it on vibrate and how Su, the big boss hates them and if she hears it in her office she'll come out and tell you you better turn it off. So I'm like ahh jeeze! I'm already getting in trouble! Then of course you know when you start a new job you're supposed to have 2 forms of ID...Hello! Drivers license and Social Security card. So like, when was the last time I really needed my SS card....Ummmmm I'd say 6 years ago when I started my old job. And ummmm where do you think that card is? Ummmmmmm yeah I have no idea either. CRAP. crappity crap crap. For reals, I have no idea where it is. Yeah, I'm almost 3-0 and I can't keep track of the important stuff. What the holey heck is wrong with me? So yeah, now I'm totally embarrassed again. You know everyone is going *idiot* in their heads. I mean I was, for sure. So the big boss says "you have to have either that or your birth certificate on Monday morning or I'm going to have to send you home." Well let's just say I'll be standing in line at the SS office Monday morning. Yep, I'm completely mortified. (please don't lecture me...I've heard it over and over from my husband and my mother, I already know what a loser I am, thank you very much!) The rest of the day was relatively pleasant. Everyone in the office is SUPER nice and welcoming. They even "initiated" me. The guy who sits across from me used to sit in my cubicle. So anyways, I'm emptying out my box of desk stuff and organizing my drawers. I open the top drawer and there are 2 rubber rats gazing up at me! He left them there on purpose to scare me. I guess this is what they do to all the new people. Cute. So anyways, I see the rats, don't make a sound and casually look over my cube at Antonio...."umm so are these your rats?" I say. He was laughing so hard at my casualness. He's like "you weren't even scared?!!!" Umm no, #1 I have a 3 year old boy...and #2 I used to work with all these people...I remember what they are like! This is like an everyday thing for me! So, it was good they did that. If they didn't tease me, they wouldn't like me. They're all a really good group of people and I know as soon as I figure out everything it's going to be fine. The absolute worst part of everything? The commute. Dude, it took me exactly 59 minutes to get from the parking garage to my MIL's driveway. That extra 1/2 hour of work makes a gigantic difference. Plus my new office is about 3 miles farther down than the old one. That's 3 miles of down town traffic at 5 o'clock with a stoplight every 50 feet. Big, big difference and it totally sucks. Please pray that something will change in this department for me. I would really love to have that 1/2 hour back. It really would make a world of difference.
Nothing much going on around here except for crazy tearing apart of the house looking for the SS card or the birth certificate. My Mom and her friend forever, Patty came over today. It was a nice visit. We had great weather too about 80* and a warm breeze. I also gave away all of Megans clothes she's grown out of. This was great. Girls, I had 4 bags full!!! Yeah 4. Meg is only 7 months old! (I did not buy all of these clothes. Most of them are hand-me-downs from my best friend. She has 2 little girls and one is just 6 months older than Megan) I had this huge pile of clothes behind her bedroom door because I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do with it. I didn't really have anyone to give it to because I didn't know anyone who was expecting a baby. Well the girl who sits next to my mom at her office just found out she's having a girl in August. So she took everything! Megan's room looks SO clean now. I love it.
Anyways, that's about all I have to report. Hope your weekend is warm and bright!


Melissa said...

Wow...what a day you had.

And, now that you mention it, I don't know where my SS card is either...I should probably locate it sometime.

Keep your head up and things will be better. It's tough on the first day. Nobody has a perfect day. At least you had a little surprise with the rats and all...

Have a good rest of the weekend!

camport said...

Wow. In a few months, you'll be able to look back at your first day and laugh.

That sucks about the traffic. That has got to be the worst! How far is your MIL's house from yours? Could she meet you at work or at your house with them? Would the traffic be easier coming from her direction, or is traffic a nightmare no matter which way you're going?

I promised the kiddos an egg hunt, so they're pulling on me...

Talk to you soon, Chrissy

Brown English Muffin said...

Oh lord did you have a great first I'm reading your blog and it dawns on my...oh crap this is the same Corey from my Circle Journal who said in our yahoo group that they are providing breakfast and lunch and her all day training classes!!!

I swear I should have been an black blonde or something!!!

So did you get that SS Card or did you find your Birth Certificate?

Would they accept a passport?

I can't believe they were so strict if there are only 12 people on the staff...I mean are you working for NASA or something!!! LOL

Carla said...

gosh, i am tired just reading about it. sounds liek you had a tough day, but it just has to get better. dont worry. try to use the commute to do something for you. rent an audio book, listen to your favorite music, think :) take care.

mom said...

Now, Corey Ann. We had a long talk before you decided to change jobs. We discussed all the pros and cons and you are so ready for a change. Remember I'm the job change champ! We talked about how the grass is always greener, but just a tuff to chew. We talked about how you are only changing one set of problems for another. We talked about how much more the new job was going to pay and how the commute was going to be the pits not to mention the extra half hour. But, in the long run you decided it would all be worth while. And you know what? It will be! There has never been a 1st day on a new job that didn't suck big time and leave you feeling like a complete fool and totally inadequate. Remember when we used to sit in my bedroom and play Super Mario Brothers? You know in the beginning neither of us could get very far in that game. Pretty soon you were bouncing and jumpin' those little guys all over the place while, unlike your mother, I was still trying to figure out which button to push! It's still kinda like that for me here at my job - even after 18 yrs, but the point I'm trying to make is that you have to give it some time. . . get your feet wet a little at a time. There's nothing worse than being thrown into the ice water - easing in is sometimes more tollerable. You are smart as a whip! You are quick to learn new things and have a very logical flow to your brain patterns, so don't be so hard on yourself! Breathe deeply, think calming thoughts and you'll be just fine!

Kimberly White said...

Hope this week is going better! (And that you found your ss card!) Hope the commute gets better! Kim