Saturday, March 10, 2007

*Hello Spring*

Is this not the cutest little baby girl you've ever seen?! Well, she is in my opinion! She's mine, I can say that! Today was a beautiful day. Spring is definitely in the air. Tomorrow is supposed to be even nicer...maybe even 80 degrees. LOVE IT. I'm convinced that your favorite season has all to do with when your birthday is. See, I'm a summer baby and summer is my absolute favorite season. I can not wait for the warm weather. Bring on the 90* plus! Yeah, check back with me about mid way through July and see if I'm still saying that!
Had a little bit of alone time today. Well sort of. Pete took Jake pheasant hunting and they left about 6am and didn't get back until around 4. So it was just me and Meg today. Nice not to have someone to entertain all day long! I got the house all picked up and did a little spring clean up in the yard. Pulled some weeds...that kind of thing. We have one kind of devilish weed. I'm not kidding, it must have these tiny invisible little needles like a cactus. And for reals i think it had some sort of poison in it. One touch and I thought my fingers were on fire. I know, I should have had on the garden gloves. But see it's my mom that has the green thumb and I did not inherit one once of it! I don't really like gardening. The only plant I've ever managed to keep alive is the African Violet that resides on my kitchen counter.
*A few things I need to remember*
1. We're out to lunch last Sunday after church. Applebee's I think. Pete reads off the kids menu to Jake..
Daddy: You can have a chicken sandwich, cheeseburger, chicken fingers, spaghetti, or mac and cheese. What do you want?
Jake: ahhhh.....ummm I want the hands.
Pete and I look at each other like what the heck is he talking about??
Jake: Well...(pointing to his hands) um not these hands daddy.
Both of us: OHHHH Chicken Fingers!
*uhh... duh* Makes perfect sense, doesn't it?
2. last night
Jake says: Mommy I want Taco Bell (he's really into going out to eat right now)
Me: No. Not tonight.
Jake: Oh but mommy! I want picy taco bell! (that's S-picy) He doesn't ever say the letter S if it's followed by a consonant ie: stop=top. snake=take
Me: No, were going home and mommy's making dinner. You can have a burrito at home.
Jake: But mommy, you don't have to cook it!
Does this kid have me pegged or what? He knows I don't really want to cook dinner! LOL!!!
I actually really like cooking...but only when I know it's going to taste really good and if it's my own idea. I mean that I actually felt like making something. Sometimes I really hate making dinner because #1. I'm usually not that hungry at dinner time, and #2 because when I have to make it every night it feels like a chore....and I don't like chores. Never have. I'm an only child...what are chores?! Ha ha ha!(enter sarcasm here) See the trick is, you have to make me think it was my own idea. Like picking the weeds today. That was my own idea...I wanted to do it. But if Pete would have said to me "Could you pick those weeds in the yard today?" ....See that would have been his idea. Then it's a chore, and then I would have found anything else to do but pull the weeds! Is this sounding crazy to anyone?
Ok enough about me. One more thing I want to remember...
Megan...She's really come into her own self lately. She's decided she does not like baby food. She's a big girl...she's got one tooth...why can't she have big people food? I was trying to give her one of those baby food know the chicken and rice dinner....She got so mad at me! She's sitting there in the high chair screaming with her little hands in fists and her face turning all red. It's actually kind of funny to watch. But she wanted what we were eating. So she's now had Rice-a-Roni, meatloaf and mashed potatoes and spaghetti. It's like she's been waiting for this her whole life. She can not wait for that spoon of good stuff. She even waives her arms and says "ma ma ma ma". Like, more, more, more!
Well, that's about all there is to report. Hope everyone is having a good weekend!


Jude said...

Love the "I want hands" comment! That is hilarious. :) I think if Megan is wanting the big people food and can gum it up, (or chew it with that one tooth...LOL)she is fine. Especially things like what you mentioned, they are all soft and chewey. I learned NOT to give them raw carrots until they understood the whole chew concept really well...:)
How old is she now? Emerson was here with me looking at her picture as I was reading the post, when I scrolled down, he said, "Uh-oh Ma, where's baby go?" :)

camport said...

She is so stinkin' cute! Dang it, I've got to stop coming to your blog! :) I want another one...but Simon and Sean have been arguing for the better half of an hour now.

Yeah, the "hands" request makes perfect sense to me. Cute kid!

The hot weather, already here! It's been close to 90 every day this week. UGH!

Felix never ate baby food. He still only has 6 real teeth. He has 4 molars coming in, but he ate real food with 2 teeth. I learned how to do the heimlich pretty early, but he refused baby food. He ate it for a week or two, but I guess with baby #2, it's ok to experiment. We would just give him pieces of whatever we were eating and he just got to where he refused baby food. I think by 5 months, he ate all real food.

Maybe its a baby #2 kinda thing.

I am so with you on the chores thing. If Sean mentions there's dished in the sink, I get so mad. I'm all, "Don't TELL me!!" Yeah, I'm the youngest of 3. :) I am also with you on the cooking.

And Simon is with Jake on the eating out thing. He's always saying, "Let's go to a restaurant to eat." It's very flattering. Shows what he thinks of my cooking. :)

Happy Sunday, Chrissy

Carla said...

Adaroble! She should be a baby model. so cute.

Melissa said...

Love the hat...makes me yearn for a girl even more now.

I totally get what you mean about chores. I have a feeling Andy does too because if I don't ask him to do something, he'll do it eventually during the week. But, if I ask him, forget it. Not happening!

I wish I had a green thumb, but the weather is so harsh here things die before I can remember to water them. I want pots of flowers all over my yard and porch. Not happening here, we get a brutal morning sun on the front of the house. Bake them flowers in a day.

Someone suggested putting plastic ones in a pot. Then they wouldn't die.

I'm not that desperate!

Kimberly White said...

So yes she is gorgeous and oh so cute! And thanks for sharing those memories! Love the picy and the hands comments! And if only I could get Joel to eat what we eat ... he loves his baby food and I was just scheming with my sister about how we can get him to eat more tonight! Have a great day! Kim

Mom said...

I have the most adoreable grandchildren! Jake is so smart and has such a great sense of humor! Megan is just the cutest little thing and has a mind of her own. . . . She's a lot like her Mommy! Speaking of Megan's Mommy, that would be my daughter, Corey Ann. You didn't much care for baby food, but you ate real food pretty much by the time you were a year old. You only had 2 teeth and could handle most anything. And the chore thing. . . . well, when I was your age everyting was a chore! I didn't like to do dishes until they were all used up! I didn't like to do laundry until your Dad had not more tightie-whities! But then you came along and changed all that! I had to wash bottles every night, so why not wash the dishes too? I loved doing your laundry, so why not throw in a few of the other things? Pretty soon, it was just part of what I did. The cooking thing . . . well, I never did get over that! As you remember, Corey, you and I were like Cher and her girls in the movie, Mermaids! We got snacking down to a fine art! The weeding thing. . . well, I planted my first flower garden when I was pregnet with you. I didn't understand the concept of "annuals". So, when things began to die or didn't come back the following spring I was devistated! Your Dad always said I had a "brown" thumb. Over the years I started reading the plant lables (imagine that!) and figured out what likes to grown for me in my yard. Well, I guess I'd better get busy. I love you Corey. You're such a good Mommy and I'm very proud of you. love, mom

Brown English Muffin said...

"But mommy, you don't have to cook it!"

This had me laughing!!!

We've been feeding our dd real food since day one...we've blended whatever we were having and gave it to her...she rarely gets jar food and now she has 4 teeth she eats it even less blended...just mooshed (if that's a word!) Last night she steak from the crock pot so it just melts in your mouth with rice!!!

Jami said...

I love the one tooth picture! She is a doll and since I have such a fondness for little girls(had three of my own and one grand DAUGHTER). As Maurice Chavlier said "Thank heaven for little girls" (did I spell his name right?)