Sunday, November 05, 2006

Nothing exciting

Not a whole lot to report today. Just been doing the same old stuff. Pete left this morning to go up to Clear Lake for a pig hunt. Yipee. He'll be back Tuesday afternoon. We (me, Jake and Megan) went on a walk this morning. Jake likes this one house about a block up on the corner because there are always butterflies flying around the lavender bushes in the front. He's always trying to catch them...and he's been quite successfull at it! Anyways today the front door to the house was open and a big fluffy black and white kitty comes tip toeing out. Jake imediately goes up to it wanting to pet it. Well, because the door was open, I knew the people inside could probalby hear us, and I didn't want them to think I was letting my kid tromp all over their front yard. So I say loud enough for them to hear me, "Come on Jake, let's go. Leave the kitty alone". Well anyway the lady inside did hear me. She came flying outside. I thought, oh no she's going to be mad we're touching her cat! Turns out she was just worried about her kitty because he just had surgery. All of a sudden she starts talking to me like we're old friends and telling me all about her cat's "blockage" and issues with his urethra. *sigh* Dont' get me wrong, she was actually really, really nice and I think she just wanted to meet some people in the neighborhood. (I also just found out she just moved here) But anyways, do you really have to tell me about your cats' urethra the first time we meet?! LOL!
Another funny story from the walk today...about a block down from the Kitty Lady, Jake found a rolly polly. This kid is totally into bugs. Anyways, he carried the little pill bug for at least 1/2 a mile, talking to it all the while about how he was the bugs' best friend. I kept telling him he was going to have to let the rolly polly go so he could go back to his house. Well finally, about 2/3 of the way back home, he decided to let it go. Here was the conversation with the rolly polly:
Jake: Bye rolly polly. You go home to you mommy and daddy ok? I see you again next year! You mommy is calling you. She be really really mad. Go home I said!
But the bug didn't move. I actually think it was dead already!
He just cracks me up. A real funny kid.
Both of the kids are napping right now. It's wonderful! A little quite time. I think I'll take this time to read my book...maybe take a little nap myself!

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Jami said...

Bugs and boys.....both are really alien to me.......three little girls means I had lots of pinks and purples. Catherine was the least squimish about bugs and dirt and the whole outside in general. She liked to fish when she was little and not enjoys rock climbing and kayaking and such, so maybe I will tell her, when she is out in the wilderness, to find a pill bug and make friends....but, remember to set it free before she reaches her front door! What a wonderful story about Jake!