Saturday, November 25, 2006

just some random things...

* First, Thanksgiving was great. We had a really good time over at Pete's mom and dad's with all his sisters and the kids. We even played Pictionary after dinner...just like Thanksgivings I remember growing up. We always played games. Super fun. Missed mom though, and was really sad to hear Mike was sick and they didn't even have a real Thanksgiving. That just sucks.
* My neighbor, never, ever has dirty dishes in her sink. Never, ever. You know how I know? Her kitchen window faces my stairwell window. She never closes the blinds in her kitchen and we don't have blinds on that window in our house. Therefore, every time I walk up or down the stairs, I peek into her kitchen. How can you not when it's staring you right in the face? I'm serious here folks. I mean I know they eat...I've seen them do that. But there is never one dirty dish in that sink. How does she do it? Does she do it just to spite me?...cause she knows I'm looking? Maybe they only use paper products and throw everything away. Nah. It's a conspiracy. If you are reading this and you never have dirty dishes in your suck! Just like my neighbor.
*babysitting....I have no idea how in the world I worked in childcare for 5 years. Seriously. I watched 2 of my nieces, Hannah and Caitlin, (both 4 1/2) of course my 2 kids. Don't get me wrong..I love these girls. But they are c-r-a-z-y. All 5 of these cousins (not counting Megan because she's too little!) but all 5 of these kids are insane. Yes, even my little Jake. When they are together, something magical happens. I'm not talking "Glinda Good Witch of the North"magic.... They go nuts. I guess I must have missed out on this growing up since I'm an only child and I only have one 1st cousin that is 6 years older than me. It actually is a really good thing. I mean it's awesome that they all are so close in age and they are lucky enough to all live near each other and get to grow up together. But seriously, having them all in one spot at one time can be pure insanity. Running up and down the stairs...jumping off in the fish tank (that one about sent me over the edge!)...going outside...coming inside...tattle telling...Me: "No food on the carpet! Stay in the kitchen with that!" "No, you can not have a Popsicle at 9:30 in the morning!" I'm sure they think I'm the meanest Auntie. I need to just relax a little. So that's why I'm in the world did I do this with 14 of these little crazies (yes, 14) for 8 hours a day? It is a gift I no longer posses!
*Ok, I'm off to bed....eyes are barley staying open! Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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