Monday, November 13, 2006

Not much to report

Just been doing the same old stuff. Had a bit of rain today. Nice to kind of freshen things up a bit, but before too long I'm going to start hating it. I get so sick of winter weather. I much prefer summer!
So lately I've been pondering this epidemic of blogging. It just seems like all of a sudden every one's got a blog. Have you ever looked at the Blogger tool bar at the top of this page and pushed "next blog"? I'm just absolutely amazed at the amount of people out there doing this very thing at this very moment in time. I think it's fascinating. What also amazes me is how many people in different countries write blogs and how many other people in other countries use English as they're primary language. A lot of Asian cultures seem to be writing their blogs in English. People just seem to be the same wherever you go. I stumbled upon a Malaysian college student living in Melbourne Australia, a native Floridian who went to Costa Rica, fell in love with the country and decided to make it her home, and a guy in Phoenix hating is life in a cubicle (I can relate for sure!). Blogging just seems to feed my nosey nature! It's like peeking in your neighbors window to see what's going on over there! (noooo, i don't really do that!....well, maybe sometimes!) Anyway, if you're ever board, push "next blog" up there and see what somebody else is up to. It's kind of fun.
P.S...did you see my slide show down there on the right? Cool huh?

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