Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Babies, Country Music and Global Warming

This is a little mini-album I made for my friend Erin. She just had a baby boy last week. Ryan Michael. This is Erin's 3rd baby. She's the type that likes the surprise and chooses not to find out the sex of the baby durring her pregnancy. Well, she had herself convinced that this baby was a girl. So I think she was pretty surprised when they said "it's a boy!"Anyways, I thought this would be a nice gift for the mom who already has everything. There's places for pictures and notes throughout the book. I hope she likes it.

Did anyone see the CMA awards the other night? We cought the highlights online yesterday...did you see Faith Hill's big doo doo??!! She totally freaked out when they called Carrie Underwood's name and not hers for Female Vocalist of the Year. To me it looked obvious that she expected to win. It looked like she was thinking "yep, here comes my name". It seemed like she's about ready to jump out of her seat to go get her award and then was totally shocked to hear somone elses name. She let out this big "What??" and through her hands up in the air. If you didn't see it, Google it because it's all over the internet. It's worth seeing! Shame on you Faith! You're a professional, you're supposed to keep that stuff to yourself!

Weird weather...So yesterday we go out for a walk and I come back dripping with was 77 degrees at 11 o'clock in the morning. It's November! Then today, I come downstairs at around 6:30 and there's sprinkles on my patio, then it full on rained for a while. Now the sky is perfectly blue, clouds are all gone. I'm convinced it's Global Warming! LOL!!

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Anonymous said...

OH, magawd! How cute is that slide show?!? Look at Grandma's fat arms and gray hair! The flowers are really pretty! How cute are those scrapbook pages!!! Dang, Corey Ann, you have a lot of talent!!!