Monday, October 08, 2012

River Adventures

As I mentioned before, Pete bought a boat. It's not a ski boat or a pontoon or a fishing boat. Well, maybe it is a fishing boat. I don't know. It's a hunting boat. It's a boat made for going in shallow water and mud. It's a boat that when you look at it, just looks like a simple little green boat that still shocks me when I think of the price tag. RIDICULOUS. 
But anyway, regardless of my loathing of the price, we have had a lot of fun on it. The last three weekends in a row, in fact. 
I was paranoid to bring my big camera out on it at first.  But Pete begged me. I think he's beginning to appreciate my photo taking after all ;-) .  I told him that I was really afraid of my camera getting wet. But of course, since he has everything (and I do mean everything) he produced a padded, waterproof (it even floats!) shoulder bag big enough for my camera and lenses. If you ever need anything, just ask Pete. Cuz, he probably has it.
So anyway, here are some pics from our adventures the last two weeks.  I'm not much of a landscape photographer, and I hadn't had my big camera out in a while, so these aren't the best. But memories documented!


CAmport said...

I love these so much!! Good on Pete for making you bring your camera. Beautiful light, beautiful subjects. :)

Kimberly White said...

Awesome pictures! Looks like you had a wonderful day! And hooray for a new computer (I have a MAC and I use both pse and iphoto)