Thursday, October 04, 2012

Test photo

Just testing to see how this image looks online. Most of you who read here know I just got a new computer.
I know.....after I just whined about it over and over. I was super surprised to be able to get it this early. Turns out Pete had a secret stash and just said "Go get it. Today. Now." So, I did. Before either of us could talk our way out of it or change our minds!  Anyway, I totally love it. No buyers remorse what-so-ever. Still getting used to a few things. This tiny keyboard is weird. And I miss my 10-key on the side. Oh well, it's fine.  Also, I'm having a little trouble getting used to the filing system and iPhoto. It's just way different than how I organized my photo's before.
I also purchased the newest version of Photoshop Elements. (that's version 11) It's pretty much the same as any other version I've used, but I've got to learn the Mac shortcuts now. I'm also using the Organizer that comes with PSE, which I've never used before. I'm kind of wondering if it's redundant to use the PSE organizer AND iPhoto?? I don't know.....I'm sure I'll figure everything out in time.
Anyway, I wanted to post a pic.....if your reading this can you tell me how it looks? White balance ok? It's not overly green or red? Sharpness? Too much? Feel free to be honest, please. Thank you!

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CAmport said...

It looks great to me!! Glad you got yours first so I can nag you with all my new Mac questions vs all those super experienced users who will laugh at me. :D Also glad to hear you don't have buyers remorse. It's something I'm a tad worried about. :D