Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Camping

I know...it isn't even Halloween yet. But we've already celebrated! This is our 4th time going to this event and we're still loving it.
I will say that I think things have changed a bit over the years. I'm not sure if it was because it was all new to us then, but the decorations were the best the first year. I think people (us included) are realizing that it takes A LOT of effort to bring everything, set up and then of course take down. That's the worst part. Not to mention packing it all up, bringing it home and putting it all away again.
But we had a great time. Sometimes it seems like such an effort to get ready to go camping. Especially getting our 5th wheel off and then back onto the side of a hill that we happen to live on. I'm telling you, it's practically insanity. But once we're there....man it is just so nice to get away.

Pete enjoying the first morning sitting in the trailer. 

 Out of focus, but this is Mike, my mom, Megan and my mom's friend Saryia. Megan LOVED Saryia. They were the best of friends all day Friday!

Our campsite and trailer. The parents kept calling our trailer a "dinosaur" because they are all old and actually have money to spare, apparently ;-) and have nice brand new trailers with TV's and slide-outs and such. But we like our dinosaur! A lot! 

Excluding the couple hours we took to trick-or-treat, this kid stayed in front of the pond the entire weekend. He LOVES to fish. Like crazy love. He caught 17 fish total in 2 days! The kid is dedicated. You should have seen all the other little boys come over with their poles and then walk away after 5 minutes when they hadn't caught anything.

Finally time to trick-or-treat Saturday afternoon.  We changed up the costumes almost completely from what they each originally wanted to be. Megan wanted to be a bunny....however, I was starting to be afraid of her looking too much like a certain male magazine bunny.... you know? I just didn't want to go there. So I convinced her to go with this modest mermaid instead. :) Jake ended up being a hunter instead of the green army man. That was easy, we already had everything. He also carried a fake rifle and had a hat and vest on too.

LOL. Oh gosh, his ears.

I took this pic and said, "are you an evil mermaid??" 
"NO!," she said...and then gave me this face: 

Durring trick-or-treating...one set up was making and serving up FREE cotton candy. It was so sweet, we just couldn't eat it. But the few bites were fun on the tongue. 

Every year there's usually a few groups that do a 'group costume'. This year a group did the US Olympic team. Oh my gosh it was funny! As you can see, some guys dressed up as girls etc. They all went as a group with flags and everything through the campground shouting "U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!" It was hysterical!

Here are a few collages of some of the campsites. I could have posted WAY more, but ugh....it's just too time consuming! So here's a sample...

Already made reservations for next year!


CAmport said...

Makes me miss Mack...just a little. :) I've all the pictures!! Especially the evil mermaid & backlit fisherman. So cute! :D

Brown English Muffin said...

I love your camping halloween posts. I really see how much the kids have grown.