Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday Things

1. Last Thursday the boys left for a weekend of hunting in Wyoming. Pete was supposed to go with another friend but that guy backed out at the last minute. I HATE the thought of him driving all that way alone, so he decided to take Jake along with him. I kind of hated that too, because I'm a control freak but I'm so glad they went. They had the best time and came back with an antelope. Not sure what we're supposed to do with it, but....
2. Jake was SO excited to go. Pete said he was the best kid. It's a long drive....about 12 hours if you don't stop and Jake did not complain one time. Never asked "are we there yet". He soaked in every bit of his 36 hour trip and loved every minute of it. 
3. Megan and I had a pretty fantastic weekend of our own. I had a photo shoot to do with my cousin and his fiance on Saturday in San Francisco. I'd never been to this location before and really, really needed to get over there before hand. I think that's part of my job as a photographer if someone is hiring me. Right? To be familiar with the location and lighting etc?? So we got up Friday morning and headed over. We spent all day looking at the location my cousin had chosen and then looking for a few other spots as well. Megan didn't complain or whine one bit. Never said she was tired or wanted to go home or that she was bored.  She wasn't the best model for me that day, but that's ok ;-) 

4. Saturday was the photo shoot. We met Jeremy and Marissa at 10 am. I wasn't planning on bringing Meg with me, but with Pete out of town, and I didn't know exactly how long I was going to be gone, I didn't feel right leaving her with a friend/sitter. So off we went again for another full day. And again she couldn't have been a better partner. She was helpful and entertaining and silly and never complained. Although, I think she was a little bored this time since we'd been to all these places the day before. But I couldn't have asked for a better kid.
5. The weather has been crazy around here. I kind of like it though. It went from super hot (90*) a week ago, to Friday I was wearing a sweater, scarf and Uggs, to Saturday....which was some of the best weather I've ever seen in SF....Seriously gorgeous sunny, warm day.  Sunday was cold again and now we're expecting highs in the 80's the rest of the week. October, you kill me!
6. Poor Pete has been working a TON of overtime lately. With the exception of last weekend, he's worked every Saturday for nearly a month. Plus OT during the week too. This week he won't be home till after 9 every night. The extra cash on the paycheck is nice, but I'm not sure it's worth all this time away.
7. Has anyone noticed that Target's Halloween section this year really sucks?  Well at least it does at my Target. I feel like they don't have nearly as much "stuff" as they used to. Like for decorating. They have a bunch of purple and orange lights and a few party things, but no fake tombstones or caskets or mummies....you know stuff like that. I don't really want any of that stuff, but I'm just surprised they don't have it. 
8. Also, I really hate those stupid costumes they sell. The ones they want you to spend $30 bucks on and don't come with any accessories, look really, really cheap and.....well they just look cheap! Especially the ones for boys. Like Star Wars and super heroes... I just can't stand to spend money on them. However, I'm rapidly running out of time. My plan for Green Army Man is dwindling as the days pass quicker and quicker. We leave next Thursday for Halloween camping.
9. I find girl costumes, however, to be really easy every year. There are a multitude of cute and or  ghastly girl costumes. And for some reason they don't look quite as cheap as the boys' do. {although so many of them are so trampy and that scares the crap out of me!} I got Megan bunny ears, a nose and a tail for $5. She already has a cute pink leotard and all I need to do now is find a little tutu or make one myself. EASY!
10. Ten...ten...ten....Why do I alway stumble on ten?? I always think I have SO much I can put into one of these posts and then I get stuck on 10 every time! oh well. Working on editing pics from Saturday and will probably post them here soon. :)

The end.


CAmport said...

Did Pete take any pix on their trip?
I love that picture of Megan! Her hair is so pretty! :)
We're skipping Halloween this year and the Target closest to me is crap. I haven't even been since Halloween stuff came to the shelves!
Can't wait to see more engagement pictures!!


Allison said...

So glad crazy weather isn't just here! Congrats on the photo shoot... sounds like a productive weekend! I kind of wonder if the Target-type stores are cutting back on Halloween 'stuff' because of all the Halloween stores? There's a Halloween store in this town at least every few blocks. Crazy!