Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Words for Wednesday.

I just couldn't go without words today.
Notes from the photo:
* Megan's hair desperately needs to be washed and combed.
* Jake's hair desperately needs to be cut.
* Jake's front tooth looks funny. It's loose, but not loose enough to come out yet. And the new tooth is coming in anyway I guess and pushing this one sideways.
* You can't tell that it's pouring rain/hailing like crazy in this picture at all. But it was.
* This picture was taken approximately 10 minutes before all hell broke loose.
* Words I actually uttered to my 7 year old: You better pray there is no glass in her bed and that she doesn't wake up with bloody cuts tomorrow morning! (awesome parenting moment right there y'all)
* Of course I had to write yesterday how awesome "quiet reading time" is. Because today it all went to hell.
* They both completely disregarded my instructions and took advantage of the fact that I was doing paper work in the office and that surely I wouldn't notice them NOT reading.
* They decided to play in Megan's room instead. And threw a stuffed animal at the ceiling. And broke the glass globe over the light in her room.
* I've tried to tell them time and time again---mom will ALWAYS find out if you did something you weren't supposed to. One way or another-ALWAYS.


CAmport said...

Oh man, my kids totally take advantage when I'm busy/distracted, too. I hope you were able to get all the glass up. :/

Brown English Muffin said...

Oh man big trouble what was their punishment? Though I'm sure they were sooo terrified it might have been punishment enough!!!

Corey said...

Well they were both sent to their respective rooms for the rest of the day until daddy came home. That was really only for about an hour. So quiet reading time was had anyway ;-) I wasn't really upset about the light being broke. it was ugly anyway! I was way more upset that they both chose to completely ignore me. Momma don't like to be ignored!

nicole said...

cute photo of them! i love though that from a photo there is so much more that we see as mothers :)

i'm with you on the last point of reminding my kids that i see/find out everything - they are all seriously convinced that i do have a set of eyes on the back of my head!!