Monday, February 28, 2011

The good news is...

I went to see my dad at the hospital today and they did the angeogram of his heart while we were there. I guess they go In through a vein in your leg with a camera all the way up to the heart to have a look around in there. The good news is... It's NOT his heart!! The doctor said the lining around the heart is fine, the heart itself is fine, and there are no blockages or anything! Amen!
They gave him some meds to control the irregular heartbeat and he's been fine since then.
BUT. But but but.... The fluid is still accumulating in his lungs. And we're really just not sure why. If it's not the heart, and the chemo is working, then why why why is there still all this fluid?
I don't know the answer.
Since it's not heart issue, they are going to send him back to the original hospital tomorrow. We're all just praying now that once he's back with his normal doctors they can figure out what is going on and decide what the next plan of action is.
So that's it for now. We are all SO relieved that he doesn't have to have heart surgery!!
Thank you all for your love and prayers! It means so much to me. I let my dad know that he's got a lot of people praying for him and he was so grateful. Thank you all and than you Lord that it wasn't his heart!

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Kimberly White said...

Hooray for a strong heart! Praying for you guys!
Isaiah 53:4-5
Love Kim

nicole said...

that is great news corey...hopefully you all have some more answers soon. I will continue to keep him in my thoughts!

Allison said...

That's great news! I know it must be frustrating not knowing though. You'd think after hundreds of years, this medical stuff wouldn't be such a mystery! Sending some prayers and good thoughts. ♥

Jude said...

that is good news Corey! I am praying for him!