Tuesday, February 22, 2011

10 on Tuesday.

1. This picture has nothing to do with anything. I just think it's kinda funny. She always is making funny faces.
2. French braids on little girls is great for keeping hair out of their faces. It's my favorite style for her lately. Plus-less tangles! Which is a huge bonus for me (and her). Combing through tangles is not fun.
3. Online bill pay. Why am I just discovering this?? I mean, I know it's existed for quite some time but I just really started using it like a month ago. You mean all I have to do is click a button and the money just goes there? I don't have to write a check? Or use a stamp? And there's no charge for this service?? Um yeah. I'm totally like a decade behind the times!
4. Only in California can you have a beautifully warm day at the beach one week and then have it snow the next! Seriously, it snowed here Friday night. I was sitting on the couch waiting for Pete to get home and I was playing around with my phone. My weather app said it was 34 degrees. I thought for sure that had to be wrong. I mean, I knew it was cold but I didn't think it was that cold. Then about 20 minutes later Pete comes in and announces it's snowing. And sure enough big old fluffy flakes were falling from the sky. It didn't stick or anything. But still. SNOW. In Oakland.
5. Confession: we love Little House on the Prairie. For some reason a few years ago my mother-in-law bought the entire series on DVD. All 9 seasons + bonus material. I have no idea why. The last time we visited, she gave us all 10 sets of DVDs to bring home. It's certainly not on my list of "must have" dvds! However, we all have enjoyed watching them immensely. Can you get any more wholesome than Ma and Pa and Laura and Mary?? The kids LOVE it. They've actually learned stuff about history from it. And life lessons. I admit to not really caring for this show much when I was a kid. I'm pretty sure it wasn't on our list of must see TV at the time. I do remember watching it in syndication later on in life, but still I could take it or leave it. But watching it with my kids is great. I love that they love it. And I know there is NOTHING like this on TV nowadays.
6. The kids now play "little house" and argue about who should be who. No you be Albert and I'll be Laura! No I wanna be Mary, she's blind! I'm going to be Miss Beetle. No she's married now, so her names is Mrs. Sims. Lets pretend it's the one when they find all the gold! Yep. They do this all day. It's funny, but cute. And it's better than playing say....CSI or The Bachelor, right??
7. I have so much to do today yet I'm sitting here avoiding-as usual! But I have to go to the post office. I hate going to the post office. We can all commiserate on hating the PO, right?
8. The estate wedding we went to on Saturday was beautiful. The house was amazing and had this awesome brick fireplace in the kitchen. Pete and I both decided we want one. And a wrap-around porch. It sucked though, because it was freezing and rained the entire day. I guess that's the risk you take getting married in February.
9. I was secretly so glad I was not asked to take pictures at this wedding (I have for the last few weddings in our church) because I was miserable. I was so cold. And it was so crowded--no one wanted to go outside because of the rain so everyone was huddled inside. And the place just wasn't big enough. Beautiful, but not big enough for 200 people. Anyway, I got stuck in the kid room all day--which wasn't much fun either, but still the better end of the deal I figure!
10. Our baby chicks are growing fast. I'll have to update on them later in the week. It's amazing how big they are now compared to just two weeks ago. We still have 29. I honestly thought a few of them might die. It's typical. But nope. They are all thriving! Oh my goodness we're going to have a lot of eggs.


CAmport said...

1. She is adorable!
2. I never learned to french braid. Guess I won't ever have to! I used to love it when my sister would french braid my hair, I felt elegant.
3. YES! I've been using it for years. SO easy. TOO easy.
4. I hate that flip flop in weather. Hopefully it warms up for you.
5-6. I used to watch it, and love it, as a kid. Not so much as an adult. I don't know if my boys would sit still for it. :/
7. Yes we can!
8. You have to post pics of your outfits at least.
9. I bet! Nothing like feeling forced to take pix of something you don't want to take pictures of.
10. Sean is asking me why we can't have chicks. I'm pretty sure there are HOA rules against it in this neighborhood. No rules against the countless dogs crapping in my yard, but baby chicks they would have a problem with.

nicole said...

1. love it.
2. me too! i can never get them in really good though - my mom could make them really tight and mine are always falling apart by midday.
3. i love it! i do all my banking online!
4. that is crazy!
5. i have been thinking about picking up the books to start reading to them...i loved the show as a kid - maybe the MN thing?!
6. i used to tell my sister she was nellie and she hated it! :)
7. totally with you on that.
8. i love to dream about my dream house.
9. kids room would have my vote too.
10. that is cool. i don't know how you do it though...my one cat drives us all nuts enough :)

Brown English Muffin said...

online bill pay is a blessing from god, I think he sent it down to us along with Starbucks!!! Don't quote me but I think he sent both at the same time!! LOL