Monday, December 27, 2010

A White Christmas...

What a wonderful Christmas we had. It was so busy and yucky leading up to it, but actual Christmas was very nice. The only missing part was seeing my dad, who I missed very much. His chemo treatments make him very susceptible to infection so we all thought it best to keep germ-filled kids away for this time. I did talk to him though, and he sounds much better. He's been sleeping well and hasn't had to have his lungs drained of fluid for over a week now so it seems as though the prayers and the chemo are working. Thank you for that! ♥♥
Christmas Eve and Christmas morning were spent with my mom and Mike. I do have pics from that, I just haven't edited them yet. So those will come in a separate post.
Saturday afternoon we headed up the mountain to Pete's parents. There was actually no snow when we got there. We were a little shocked, I thought there would at least be a little. But we were lucky! Just about dusk Saturday night it started to snow, and we woke up to about 5 or 6 inches of fluffy white stuff Sunday morning. :)

This was so funny...Our dog, Maggie just loves Pete and kept chasing him down and then back up the hill we were sledding down. So finally Pete just put her on the sled with him. Can you not see the pure joy in her face? HA! She totally loved it.

This one is all kindsa blurry, but I just love it.

Jake headed down the hill. He was actually the best sledder...made it the farthest each time.

Meggy going all by herself and loving it.

Snowball fight!

Cute Hannah, making a brick for the snow wall.

Jake in his new coat from Grandma Katy.

And Megs in her new coat too :)

There's more, but those were the good ones, and the only ones I felt like waiting for blogger to upload. :) Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!! We're taking the week off from school work to hang out, clean up, reorganize, and move forward into 2011.


CAmport said...

*That's great about your dad!! I hope he keeps getting stronger every day. :)

*The Maggie shot is hilarious. It should be framed.

*I am so jealous you got a white
Christmas, not that I would even dare to expect one.

*Megan looks ridiculously grown up in the last picture.

Yay for a happy Christmas.


Jude said...

Glad your dad is doing better!
We had a White Christmas too, it was perfect!!! :)

nicole said...

so glad to hear that your dad is doing better corey!!

and how fun that you had a few days to enjoy the snow!! looks like the kids had a blast.