Tuesday, December 21, 2010

10 things I still haven't done

The Holiday Procrastinators Edition

1. Finished my shopping. Yep. Still two gifts to buy.
2. Wrapped presents. I usually leave this till last anyway, but since we're going out of town Friday, I really need to get this done ASAP
3. Bought stocking stuffers. I do have some chapstick and a notebook for each. But yeah, that doesn't really "stuff" a stocking.
3. Made my contributions for Christmas breakfast and Christmas dinner. I can't really do that till Friday anyway, but it is still one more thing to do.
4. Found my kids snow clothes. Or bought them new ones. I'm not a fan of snow. Because I'm not a fan of being cold. And I find it silly to buy snow clothes for a once maybe twice a year event. (Nicole and Beth are laughing right now, I'm sure!) But it must be done. Grandma has lots of snow at her house and there will be lots of playing in it, I'm sure. But I can not find the snow boots we bought last year?? Where are they?
5. Bought batteries. I haven't even checked to see what kind the DS takes. Better do that quick. Knowing me, it won't take batteries but some other 40 dollar charger that doesn't come with it, that I'll have to hunt down Christmas Eve at Walmart only to find out it's sold out.
6. Finished baking. I still want to make more cookies. We've made 3 different types and they're all gone.
7. Laundry. I mean, I know this doesn't really count because there's ALWAYS laundry, but it does matter when you need to pack and there's no decent clean clothes.
8. Pack. I need to pack.
9. Neighbor gifts. I do have one neighbor and I'd like to take #6 and give some to her. She drives me nuts sometimes, but she really is a good friend.
10. Relax. I can't wait to get to my mom's Friday and just chill and enjoy the season. And then get to Pete's mom's on Saturday and chill out again.


CAmport said...

1. I am done. I thought about getting Sean maybe just ooooooooone more thing since he already ruined his one main present. Loser.

2. Me either. I kinda want the wow factor when they wake up on Christmas morn.

3. Did this last night. Bought little, spent lots. Dang stuffers cost a bunch when buying for three.

4. I have no clue what snow clothes even are. Kidding. But I don't have any, nor do I see purchasing any in the near future.

5. The DSi has some kind of internal battery. You just plug it into the wall. I would think all DS systems are the same.


7. Ditto

8. We aren't going anywhere, but having my friend text me with RV trip updates makes me want to take the Beast out when they get back.

9. My neighbors all got cookies. Hence comment #6.
10. I get that. We're going out with 2 sets of friends tmrw night for dinner. I think that will be my only bit of relaxation this season. I may even drink a little. :D

Brown English Muffin said...

I also recall the DS being something we charged in the car, hence and internal battery.

nicole said...

hope everything is coming together corey...and that your todo list is complete so you can enjoy the next few days. have a merry christmas!!