Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Aaahh, city life...

Sirens, freeway noise, people....
Spiders, bugs, ticks, mice...
uh huh. you read that right.
Living here on this hill, smack dab in the city, is very much like living in the country.

Last night we had two encounters that just go to show how much we don't live in the city. First, at dinner Megan is pulling at her ear. Pulling and pulling and saying how much her ear hurt. I just figured the cold that we've all had must have finally turned into an ear infection. I mentally thought ok after dinner give her some tylenol, in the morning make an appointment and get some pink stuff. But she kept pulling and tugging and was almost in tears by the end of dinner. So I took a look. Behind her ear was red and swollen...it almost looked like poison oak or something. Then I saw it. Right behind her earlobe was a tiny little black tick trying to dig it's way into her brain! A tick! On my baby! EEEEWWW!! Pete pulled it out and all was fine.
So after that, I decided to take a long hot shower and get cozy in my jammies. (And make sure I didn't have any ticks! EEEWW!!!) I wanted to sit down by the fire and read my book. I got out of the shower and heard a muffled little meow meow outside the bathroom window. I knew it was just our cat, Miss Kitty, wanting to come in from the cold. I finished wrapping my hair up and getting my jammies on, then went down the hall, through the kitchen and into the dinning/entry/fireplace room. (it's a multi-functional space and I don't know what to call it) I found my family all huddled around Pete. Bang! Pow! Zip! They were playing some silly shooting game on his iPhone.
I opened the front door and then the screen to let Miss Kitty in. But she wasn't right there.
Hmmm, I thought.
Me: Miss Kitty! Kitty, kitty, kitty! Come on pretty girl. (makes silly kissy noises)
I heard something, then saw her fluffy tail as she whizzed into the house.
Bang! Pow! Zip! Everyone else is still intently watching the video game.
As I turned from closing the door I see Miss Kitty proudly perched in front of me with something in her mouth.
Me: Ahh! She has something in her mouth!
Bang! Pow! Zip!
Me: Ahhhh! It's a mouse!
Cue cat to then drop said mouse onto the floor.
Bang! Pow! Zip! Awesome Daddy! Yes!
Me: It's still alive!!! GET IT!!
Bang! Pow! Zip! seriously, no one even moved! Really?!
Me: There is a MOUSE and it is NOT DEAD! GET. IT.!!!
Bang! Pow!
Me: Seriously?! Put the freakin game down and get this frickin MOUSE!
Pete: ok, ok. (in the nicey cat talk voice:) get it Miss Kitty. Get the Mouse.
This whole time I'm trying to get someone's attention, Miss Kitty just sat there proudly. And the mouse, fortunantly I suppose, just stood there stunned. Once everyone started moving, well, so did the mouse.
Me: Ahhh! Get it! GET IT! Ahh!
Miss Kitty did kinda pat at it a little. But where was her killer instinct?? Where where her claws and her fierce, flesh tearing teeth??!
Pete: She's not just going to let it go, she'll get it. (said just as she let it go again and it scurried off into the kitchen)
Pete then stepped on it's tail and had it somewhat controlled.
Jake: I'll get the broom!
smart kid!
Pete then whacked the mouse on the head a couple times, scooped it up with the dust pan and that was that.

Pete: jeeze you panicked. You acted like that was like a big deal or something.

I just looked at him quizzically.

Can someone please explain to me how having a real live mouse in the house is NOT a big deal?


CAmport said...

That is hilarious! :)

nicole said...

a mouse in a house IS a big deal!!

there have been a few times jeff and i have gone after them where afterward i think we must have looked ridiculous :)
and our cat is not much help either.

Jude said...

I am rendered into a screaming mimi at the very site of any animal in my home... :) hang in there mountain mama ;)

Anonymous said...

So, truly, you've forgotten the cute little white mouse you just had to have as a pet? spent more money on the cage, food and other accessories than the mouse. The cute little mouse that got away from you upstairs in your room. The cute little mouse that made it's way into MY kitchen. The cute little mouse that didn't make it thru the night because your Dad put out the trap! Too funny! And don't forget. . . cats only like to play with the mice or lizzards they bring you.