Tuesday, April 27, 2010

10 on Tuesday.

And it really is Tuesday this time! woo hoo!

1. Had a great weekend in Monterey and Santa Cruz this weekend to celebrate Pete's Birthday. We took the kids to the Monterey Bay Aquarium on Saturday which is ALWAYS cool.
2. Sea horses are awesome. I know...how random and weird is that statement? But it's true. The aquarium had a new exhibit on sea horses. It was just so neat. They come in all different sizes and shapes and colors. And the males birth the babies. It's the only species known to do that. (I'm sorry, I'm a bit of a ocean/sea life nerd.)
3. I wanted to be a marine biologist when I grew up.
4. This whole "diet" thing can be hard when we go out of town. Especially at breakfast. Man, all I really want was a piece of french toast. Or a waffle. Or hash browns. mmmm. hash browns. But yeah, that doesn't quite fit into the "plan".
5. I just don't like eggs. (see #4) I've tried. I really have. But I just don't. Unless they're wrapped in a tortilla, smothered in salsa, cheese, potatoes, and sausage. Or bacon. Bacon! Not in the "plan".
6. It's official. We're moving. I know I said that before, but I wasn't 100% sure. There was still that 2% slight chance of having to wait again. But we got official word yesterday so now I'm on the hunt for a new place and quick!
7. Schools and bathrooms (of all things) have been way more of a concern about house hunting than I imagined it would be. We can find places in the area we like with great schools...but the houses seem to only have 1 bathroom. Like for real. 95% of them only have ONE. I mean, it's do-able, but....not desirable for a family of 4. We can find great houses with 2 bathrooms in neighboring areas, but the schools are bad. Like really bad.
8. Trying to get the kids to help out a little more with chores. Jake has been responsible for the dogs for quite a while now. Probably since he was about 4 1/2. I recently started having him empty the dishwasher too. At first he was all for it, but now he sort of despises it. I don't blame him. Why do you think I'm asking him to help out? ;) isn't that what kids are for? kidding. sort of. I need to find something for Megan to do though. I think maybe I'll start her off with the cat, like we did Jake and the dogs.
9. We found out today that Jake's teacher is going to be absent all week. She had a horrific family emergency. Her nephew was killed in a rafting accident. I feel just awful for her and her family right now. Praying for their comfort.
10. I need someone to deliver a giant dumpster to the front of my house. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by the "stuff" that needs to get packed up around here. I think tossing it and starting "fresh" would be SO much easier!


camport said...

OOh girl, don't even stress about moving. Just build boxes, fill them, label them, tape 'em closed. It's too difficult to stay super organized. It all has to be packed and unpacked, might as well just chuck it all in containers and haul it. I am so over moving. I do not envy you at all. But a new house will be fun!


nicole said...

i'm so with you on needing a dumpster!! actually getting ready to have a garage sale and i'm thinking whatever doesn't sell is going to good will or the garbage!
jacqueline has also mentioned how great the monterey aquarium is...we have a little place here at the mall of america but i'm sure it isn't even comparable :)
hope that the house search becomes a little easier!!

Brown English Muffin said...

one 1 oz bag of munchos is a big old 4 points soooo not worth it...but I had a lot of points left over that day!!! LOL

Melissa said...

if i had to pack up my house, i would get a dumpster too. the amount of stuff we have is just crazy.

but, i actully like to pack. i weed so many things out and end up with so much to toss or give away.

it's nice to have a fresh start. good luck with the house hunt....

Jude said...

i need that dumpster too! We are five, and have one bathroom. one very very tiny bathroom. you will live, but if i had the choice, i would go for a place with two... or a good door lock on the one! LOL :)