Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Wednesday. Random.

1. I seriously doubt I'll come up with ten things, but we'll see. Does this count as one?
2. Avocados are on sale this week 4 for a dollar. That's great except THEY ARE ALL ROCK HARD. Like you could play an entire game of Major League Baseball with these suckers. Tell me, what is the point of an unripened avocado?
3. I really dislike road construction. Especially when I'm the lead car after being stopped by the flagger. The guy gave me no real direction and there were no orange cones to follow and guys in orange t-shirts all over the newly paved road. I didn't know where I was supposed to go. Drive on the fresh pavement? don't? Follow that tractor that pulled out in front of me? Don't? *ugh* it's just annoying. I'm a follower not a leader. And that goes for more than traffic.
4. I would have thought by now that exercise would be easier. Well, the act of exercise is MUCH easier, but I still have to talk myself into actually doing it most days. Sometimes, I just don't wanna. The thought of lifting up the weights or the thought of another squatting side-kick makes me cringe. But some how I always convince myself to do it anyway. And I always end up feeling better after I do. Last week I had a real busy day and I just didn't get a work out in. I felt like crap. Because I knew I cheated myself. I totally could have worked out and chose not to.
5. Finally, now that the school year is just about done, I finally feel like I have some sort of support, some sort of idea of what Jake has been doing in class and how to help him succeed into the next year. And it didn't even come from his own teacher. I spoke about my frustrations with his teacher and things many times before. To give you a better idea...I have only ever seen maybe 5 spelling tests and 3 or 4 other small projects that Jake has done at school for THE ENTIRE YEAR. I never see any worksheets (except for the few math worksheets he has for homework), never any writing assignments, no journals, NO ART PROJECTS, nothing. Anyway, last week while the 2nd graders in his class worked on the state's standardized tests, the 1st graders where sent to other classes. Jake went to the same class as his after school teacher. We had a long talk Thursday afternoon when I picked him up. She told me she wished Jake would have been in her class all year, and how well he did that week with her. She gave me tips on what we can do this summer to keep up his reading and writing (fun things). Tips on how to build up is confidence and independence . And most importantly: a STACK of work he had done in class that week. I mean, a folder spilling with things like a butterfly life cycle, stories he'd written, science worksheets, spelling games, vocabulary, things he'd cut and pasted. It was almost a relief to see all that work. I'm not sure why exactly, but it was SO nice to just KNOW what he was doing...What he was learning. Finally!
6. I need to write her a really nice note because tomorrow is his last after school session with her for the year.
7. We found a house! And it has more than one bathroom! I'll give more details as it draws nearer to our move. Which I still don't have a specific date for but it will be sometime in June. We are truly lucky and are blessed with awesome friends who helped us find this place. I think it's going to be awesome.
I think that's all I got for now. See, I knew I couldn't come up with 10. Oh well. You still love me, right? ;)

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Melissa said...

1. it's not about the number....
2. that's probably why they are 4/$1. someone picked them too early...
3. i'd rather have construction over SNOWBIRDS and their SLOW DRIVING. At least their season is over and it's back to normal around here...
4. i have those days too, but, i still go. i like to be super sweaty before 7am....
5. NO PAPERS all year? I don't get least you got something now.
6. notes are nice....:)
7. YEAH for a new house.
8. :)
9. :)
10. Still love you!