Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Uh...10 on Wednesday?

1. I can't believe an entire wait..more than a week has gone by already! I don't feel like I've been crazy busy or anything...just preoccupied maybe? And priorities are shifting I think. Not going to stop blogging though!
2. Spring has sprung around here! Oh man am i loving it! Today it's 73*! I'm wearing a tank top AND flip flops! Holla!
3. All the trees in my neighborhood (ok, not all but a LOT) look just like this one to the left. Thank goodness I don't have allergies. You can smell these things all over the neighborhood. So pretty though!
4. I haven't been taking a lot of pictures lately. Sadly, the ones I have taken have been with my iPhone. I know, right? I think it's actually time to get a new SLR. My little Rebel just doesn't seem to be performing like it used to. I dunno if it's me or the camera or the lens...but I just haven't been happy with it lately. It sucks though..because you think when you spend that kind of money on something, it should last more than 3 years, right?
5. Jake set up this awesome little leprechaun trap last night. He got a box without a lid, then made a ladder for the little guy to climb up onto a "fake" lid with a camouflaged hole in it. So the thing would drop into the box and then not be able to get out. He even taped is very precious gold coins onto the fake lid to lure the leprechaun. Pretty ingenious if you ask me. Now if you know Jake, you know his gold coins and any of his "treasure" are about the most important things to him in the world. So do you think it was really mean of me to come down here this morning and steal the gold coins from the trap to make it look like the leprechaun took them? I just wanted to give him a "genuine" leprechaun trap experience. He said he didn't care that he took them. But I think we all know he DOES care.
6. Do you die food green on St Patricks day? I don't. I've always thought that was kind of gross. Green eggs and ham? Blech. No thank you.
7. I still haven't used my iTunes gift card. BUT! I did tag 3 songs on iHeartRadio that I want to download. So...that's progress, yeah?
8. I bought a stinky candle from the kid across the street today. (yeah, that kid. the one i don't like. the one with the wacky parents) I don't know why I can't say no. I mean he did ask nicely and all. But did I need a candle? NO. And then it was weird. A few hours later, the dad comes over to thank me. I mean, I guess that's nice, right? I just get so nervous now every time the parents knock on my door. I'm paranoid about some sort of confrontation.
9. Did I mention how nice the weather is?! I think I'm going to go on my 2nd walk of the day when Megs gets up from her nap.
10. Yellow is my favorite color right now. I know it probably clashes with my red hair something terrible, but I can't help it. I love it! Yellow and gray together-total favorite.

That's 10! Happy Wednesday and Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Allison said...

Tank top AND flip flops - so lucky! It's turned stupid cold here again. I'm in the same camera boat w/ you. Especially when I look at other peoples' pictures. Still not sure if it's me or the camera. Leprechaun trap - so darn cute! Maybe leave a note? In green pen and Irish dialect? :)

nicole said...

now i feel a little silly for being in a tank top and flip flops in our 50 degree weather...ha! who am i kidding 73 degrees i would be at the pool :)
same thing happened with my rebel...just had to let it go because it totally seemed to burn out on me! (i so wish the itouch had a camera...that is the one thing that bums me out about not having the phone)

camport said...

I love Jakes trap!! How precious! I completely forgot today was even St Patty's til I saw FB status updates. :)

Now that it's Thursday, maybe I can finish up my 10!

Jude said...

tank top weather already! I am jealous!!
I do wishIhad played up st pattys day more... the boys were all into leprechauns but i didn't realize it until that day :(

Melissa said...

we are contemplating the beach this new change of weather we are having here also :) and there is no real celebration of st. patty's day here. I didn't even send Tanner to school in green....oh well. maybe next year!

Anonymous said...

Corey Ann, good grief! Just hit the download button and get it over with. Someone is sure to give you another iTunes gift card at some point in time.

;o) Mom