Tuesday, March 09, 2010

10 on Tuesday

1. Sometimes I try and be a "nice" mom and I buy things that I'm so sure my kids will LOVE. Like sugary cereal. Don't all kids like that nasty stuff? I am not a fan of sugary cereal. Or really any cereal for that matter. If I have to eat it, give me some Corn Flakes or something. Well apparently, I've passed this trait down to my children. I bought them Lucky Charms last week. They hate it. Absolutely hate it. You'd think I was giving them a bowl full of cough medicine. They want Rice Chex. (not that this is a bad thing)
2. I'm completely annoyed by most drivers lately. It's like....do they even realize there are other people on the road? No.
3. I kind of had a hard weekend on the weight loss train. I didn't go off the program or anything, but I did learn that Not Having A Plan is a very bad thing. We made a hasty stop at a McDonald's Sunday afternoon. I wasn't really that hungry, but I thought I'd better eat something, because I wasn't sure when the next opportunity would arise. So I thought I'd chosen smart with the Grilled Chicken Sandwich. WRONG. The stupid thing was 9 WW points. That's A LOT. I decided quickly that I did not want to sacrifice so many points on one lame-o sandwich so I decided to only eat half. Which ended up being only 3 bites. And I was starving for the rest of the day.
4. I probably would have been better off and more satisfied if I'd just gotten a regular cheeseburger. At least those taste good.
5. I still have not used my iTunes gift card.
6. I keep having dreams that I'm running in a race. I'm a really awesome runner in my dreams. I never feel winded and I always feel like I could run forever. It's nothing like when I'm running in real life.
7. Since I often have strange dreams I like to look them up for dream interpretations.....apparently when you dream your running with other people (like in a race) it symbolizes prosperity and happy times. That's good!
8. Why is it when you lose weight, you notice it in the weird places first? Seriously I noticed it in my fingers, ankles and my boobs first. What about that muffin top? why can't we see it there first? Well, I am starting to see it all over now and I'm not quite ready to go down a jean size....but I might need to start wearing a belt :)
9. I'm really super proud of Jake lately. We got his report card last week and he's improved a lot since the beginning of the year. It's been tough. Honestly I can not wait for the school year to be over. And I'm praying he does not get stuck in a split grade class again next year. With him being so young as it is, AND the only boy in his grade in the class....ugh it's just not been good. But he's really pushed through it. I recommend SpelllingCity.com to anyone with grade school kids. Using this site along with regular homework has improved his spelling, reading, writing and fluency so much.
10. We went to the ranch on Sunday to pick up the last of Pete's things. But really, it deserves it's own post. More on that later.


nicole said...

1. funny my kids - well william anyway love sugar cereal...and every once in a while a bowl of coco pebbles hits the spot for me too :)
2. me too! and i beep at anyone i see texting!
3. your right so much of it comes down to planning. and after you've been eating well doesn't mcd's totally gross you out?
4. there salads are ok sometimes too.
5. watch out once you start you will be addicted!
6.after a while it really does feel that way i swear.
7. i always want to know what they mean too! where do you look?
8. for me it is always in my face first...which is good when i'm going down but bad when i'm going up.
9.that is awesome! and crazy that they do split classes - the priorities with our tax money baffles me!
10.can't wait to hear all about it.

now off to get my own 10 done :)

Melissa said...

1. Tanner loves that stuff too. I don't buy it unless I have a coupon and he knows it. I seem to NEVER have coupons.
2. Come to Florida during "Season". More older drivers on the road with nowhere to go.
3. I feel your pain. Being home all day I have to keep busy or I graze on random things. So frustrating. I get the exercise thing down, now if i could get the food thing down...
4. they are good.....but so BAD for us.
5.I can use it for you if needed...
6.SIGN UP FOR a race!! "In my dreams, I am Kenyan" (saw that on a t-shirt)
7. i never remember my dreams
8.good book: THe Flat Belly Diet. No weird foods, just eating the right combo of stuff. I have mine pulled out to reread again...
9. glad to hear he's doing well, hope he's not in a split again next year...
10.can't wait to hear about the trip.

Anonymous said...

Question - Have you ever actually RUN in real life?


You don't like to sweat, remember?

Anonymous said...

Question #2 - why have you not used your iTunes card? Come on, Cor, I know you can do it!

Allison said...

Your kids don't like Lucky Charms?!? That's awesome! And weird. But good! I like the Special K Fruit & Yogurt. McD's... ugg. You're right - planning is totally key with eating better. And I suck at it! You are rockin!

Brown English Muffin said...

So funny it's so true that you kids like what they're raised on.

My daughter would act the same way if I gave her lucky charms. This morning she was tickled pink while searching for the chopped up banana in her rice krispies!!!

I totally hear you on the ww and fast food...I made it a point to already know what to buy from where so if we do stop at a fast food place I don't feel left out.

Wendy's is the chicken caesar salad, taco bell is the new fresco menu, mcdonalds the chicken caesar or chicken nuggets.

Can you believe the fish sandwich from McDonalds is 9 points as well...don't touch that anymore unless I'm just looking to finish points.