Monday, October 06, 2008

Sunday Favorites

Week in the life project:
So here marks the last day of the Week in the life project. I have to say that though I'm kind of glad it's over, I really enjoyed the process. I learned that ordinary life, isn't necessarily so ordinary. I think I've learned to see things just a little differently. And, I've learned that there are many beautiful things all around us, and in our every day lives if we just take a second to stop and look.
Sounds so cliche, I know. But I think it's true. Otherwise I wouldn't have written it. :)
I just placed my order for 235 prints at Costco to be picked up this afternoon. I'm looking forward to getting this album put together, but admittedly I'm a little intimidated. It seems like such a daunting task with an average of 35-50 pictures a day.

Sunday Favorites:

*edited to add: Pete is NOT in his undies in this last picture (as my mother thought!) But he IS in some funky old plaid shorts. He's had those since as long as I've known him (probably longer) and thank goodness he only wears them around the house!


Allie said...

Congrats! That does sound like quite a daunting project, but a worthy one. Great pics! :)

nicole said...

first of aweomse that you already have your photos ordered! that is what seems daunting to me...
also love the pics from sunday - another great capture of your day. and yes I totally understand what you are saying about the ordinary - i think the ordinary is what we will be so happy we have captured!
and btw the new banner looks great too.

camport said...

Ditto on Nicoles comment. I haven't even begun to dig through my pics and decide which to use. I suppose I should've been doing that all along. Oops.

LOL at your *eta!


Cheryl Wray said...

This is SO awesome!! So proud that you did it!! I didn't do it last week, but I think I may do it next week (no one can say what week, right?) The shots are all great!!!

Melissa said...

wow...already have your pictures ordered. I still need to weed through mine.

next week, i do the album (too many commitments this week to be able to sit and do it this week)

and, no life is ordinary...all of our lives are extraordinary :)

Jude said...

great pics from today... wish I had thought to get one of all of us together!!