Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's impossible

to stay mad at this girl. *sigh* She just squished cooked carrots into my carpet. Not that my carpet isn't filthy already....that's beside the point. Orange mush?? Come on, man! *don't ask what I was doing at the time. Obviously, I was not paying attention ok?* Back to not getting mad...How can I? Look at this face!

And then, no matter how loud I shout, "Mommy is NOT happy about this! Mommy does not like orange carpet!" She just looks at me and says this:

And I say "No, it's not alright! The carpet is orange!" So she promptly follows up with this:

gah! Seriously, she is irrisistable. It's sickening. *********************************************
Megan's thoughts on potty training: This girl is just too much!

1 comment:

camport said...

Her curls are just too cute! And the tattoos, too.

I am curious as to how Sean and I would deal with a girl discipline wise...