Sunday, August 03, 2008

It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to.

I'm not really crying. Just sounded like a good title! But it is really by birthday. And yes, I am telling you that just so you'll send gifts. :D ha ha j/k! The day was lovely. Started with a trip to Les Schwab to drop the truck off and ended with a movie...Space Chimps! Oh yes. Fun, fun birthday! I'm not complaining. It was actually very fun. Space Chimps is silly.
So anyway.....The day is approaching--the first day of school. As Melissa put it....10 more sleeps. Well, 9 I guess. 9 days until Jake's world changes forever. Is that a little dramatic? Probably. I'm having way more anxiety over it than he is. I don't think he has a clue that Kindergarten is more than one day, you know what I mean? Does he really understand that this is like, forever? I don't think I quite grasp that concept either. ha ha! I'm sure he'll do fine. The 2nd week will probably be more of an adjustment period than the first. I'm guessing. I really have been on vacation for the past 7 months. Sure, I get up at 6 every morning, but I let Jake and Megan sleep until after 8 o'clock. And he goes to bed somewhere between 8:30 and 9 now. Remember my old work schedule? It was so regimented. We were all up by 5:15, out the door by quarter to six, I was on the road by 6am, and they were both in bed at the stroke of 8 every night. Well, we won't be getting up at 5, but it is going be a little bit of a change to all get up and out the door by 7:45. I'm happy for the change. It will be nice to have some sort of normalcy back. Right now I really don't have to be anywhere or go anywhere or do anything at any certain time. I just better make it look like I didn't sit on my butt all day by about 4 o'clock so I don't get the stink eye from the husband when he gets home! Come on--you all know what I'm talking about!

Anyway, back to the school thing. I definitely have more anxiety than Jake does. See I have social anxieties. I'm already planning everything out in my mind as to where I need to park, how long should I stay the first day, what should I wear (I know, this is so stupid, right?) should I bring Megan with me, or drop her off at Grandma's on the way? I don't even know where the classroom is. What are the other mothers going to be like? I'm going to cry like a baby in front of a school full of strangers! I hope HE doesn't cry. Crap. What time does school get out? Do I bring my big camera or my little point and shoot....probably the p&s so I don't look so overbearing. I need to leave at at least 7:45 to get there by 8 and still have a few minutes to spare. All these things and more just keep spinning in my head. Yes, I'm having a case of the first day of school jitters. Only, 9 days prior to the first day. And my kid is as happy as a clam.
Anyway, yeah...i bet you didn't know I was so nutz did ya? Don't worry, it's only in my head. I know how to be a socially acceptable person in person. Most of the time.
Do you remember the night before the first day of school? Gah. It was awful. At least up until 10th grade when I just didn't care anymore. But before that, it was horrible. Can't sleep, can't eat, changing my clothes 10 times before deciding that yes, jeans and a t-shirt are just fine. I don't boys have these same issues? I don't think they do.
I was surfing the net today and came upon this school related article. It's about a school in TX that will be enforcing a pretty strict dress code this year. In fact, if the children come to school in inappropriate attire, they will be put into a prison like jumpsuit for the rest of the day. Anyway, while I find the whole jumpsuit thing a little over the top, and the proposed dress code a teensy bit strict, I was just floored by the amount of people that commented on this article who were completely against a dress code at school. HUH?! Wha? There were so many people with the whole "freedom of expression" argument. I'm sorry, maybe I'm from the dark ages, but seriously, I find it completely inappropriate for girls to where booty shorts to school, or mini skirts that barley cover their behind, or boys who can't even walk properly because there freaking pants are practically around their ankles with their asses hanging out of their "underwear". There were people arguing that it's discrimination. Are you kidding me? And some saying that there is no dress code in real life. Ummm....yeah, there kind of is. Ever heard of "no shirt, no shoes, no service"? I'm not saying to be as strict as some of these dress codes they are proposing at this TX school. But seriously...pants where they should be, no boobs or butts hanging out. That simple. Is that really too much to ask? Is that really infringing on self expression. Give me a freaking break dude.
Anyway. THAT was a tangent.
Well, I really have nothing else.
Peace out.


camport said...

happy happy Birthday!! It hasn't hit me yet that Simon is going to school. I mean, it's hit me, but I don't know when he's going or where he's going or where we'll sucks.

I totally agree about the dress code, too. It would be easier on parents to have a dress code, I think.


Cheryl Wray said...

Let's just say that I've seen the sort of things that middle school and high school girls try to wear to school..and thank goodness we have dress codes. I'm all for freedom of expression, but do Moms even think about what they're letting their girls wear out in public? Yikes!

I still strongly remember the morning of McKenna and Delaney's first days at school. I was a basket case (and I have one more to go..but Sydney still has a year before kindergarten).


Jude said...

Aw, Happy Birthday Corey! I didn't know your special day was this month, my apologies, I will write it down on my calendar! I hope your day was great!
Now, on to school... says a seasoned veteran of over emotional tears!
1) Bring some puffs to go with you, They fit in a pocket or small purse and are nice and thick if you are a snotty cryer. (like myself)
2) If Pete is going, bring Megan. It will give him something to do to hide his tears. If not, drop her at gramma's... it will make picture taking easier for you.
3)Take whatever honking camera you want... there is no shame in paparazzing your own kid!
4)Wear something new and hip... you only get to make one first impression, plus new shoes always make me feel better
5) try and imagine the day the night before, and get some of your tears out, it may work, it doesn;t for me, but you never know...

Heehee.. see helpful advice from the one who cried the minute we walked in the door until we left! LOL.

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday!

And, I plan on taking my BIG camera to school and I don't' care if I look like the freaking paparazzi or not. I want to remember it...even if it is just PreK.

I'm with you on the dress code. There is actually a law (or something like that) in a nearby town that doesn't allow for the pants below the butt with the underwear showing thing. They can get a ticket!


nicole said...

Hope you had a great day.

and on your two other points -
one I am totally with you on the dress code - just for my own covinence if nothing else :)
and two totally just do what you want on that first day...remember no one knows what they are doing - and most of the moms are probably thinking the same things you are - and i do agree with melissa bring the big old camera - you will be happy you did :)