Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ok so I realize I called my neighbors kids annoying in my last post. That probably wasn't the best way to put it. The tattle telling is annoying. And well, all kids do that. It's annoying when my kids do it. See, when I wrote my last post, I was having a little bit of a panic attack. I tend to over dramatize things in my head when I'm a little unsure of a situation. I tend to make things out to be WAY worse in my head that it ever seems to be in reality. Yesterday was perfect case in point. In my head these two little twins would be here and they would be bored and whinny, and I wouldn't have anything to make them happy, and they wouldn't like any of the food I had, and then when Jake got home from school they would all fight over toys and I'd be just about ready to pull my hair out by about 3 o'clock...Not to mention the worry over how I was going to pick Jake and Caitlin up from school in the Honda. See? My brain went into panic mode.
Anyway, so nothing that actually happened yesterday was anywhere near to what my brain preconceived the night before. The day actually went really, really well. The twins were great. No fighting, no whinning, not even any tattle tale-ing...there were a few tears though. The bigger one was a little sad for his mom for a while. And they actually ate the food I had. So it was good. Oh! and Jake and Cait got picked up by my MIL and he decided he wanted to play over there instead of coming home. So there was no fighting over toys, which I'm still certain would have happened if Jake was here. The twins were a little disapointed they didn't get to play with him though. They were supposed to come back today, but dad was able to work from home. But I honestly would not have minded watching them anyway.
I'm 99.99% sure my neighbor doesn't know I have a blog. But you know, this is a free internet and I post for all the world to see so you never know. If so: Neighbor, I'm really sorry about the whole annoying comment. I didn't mean it like it was written. You're boys are great. Honestly.
In other news...Megan is two today! I feel so unprepared for her birthday. It just kind of snuck up on me. For two months I've been saying "she's almost two" and now all of a sudden the day is here. I have no cake, no nothing. I feel like such a bad mom. But I'm planning on running out later to grab a cake at least. Tomorrow we'll celebrate more because Pete will be home all day. I can hardly believe it! He has spent so much time (just about every weekend) at the ranch for as long as I can remember, so it feels like such a treat when he's here.
Alright, better go get that cake!


camport said...

aww. Happy B-day Megan!! Yay that Pete's home and you guys can have a family day together!

I totally get you on working things up your head, I do that! And it is always worse in your head than how it turns out. For some reason, I can never remember that.


Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Megan!
I'm so happy to hear that it wasn't a bad day....I am one who also makes things into WAY bigger deals than necessary...