Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ok, I'm supposed to be upstairs folding clothes....remember those ones I mentioned piled up on my bed yesterday? Yeah. Those. Procrastinating...agian. But I had to come back and say I'm sorry for calling my boss a B*tch. Well, I still pitty her daughter in laws...but she's kinda really awesome too. Today she asked me if I wanted to start coming in at 7 instead of 8. Seriously, this is like huge! That means I get to leave at 4. Which means I'll be home by 5. Which is an our and a half earlier than I'm getting home now. Yes, I'll have to get up and get the kids up earlier too...but I'm totally ok with that if I get to get home earlier. Pete and I are both pretty excited about it! Yipee!
Ok off to fold before I get busted!


camport said...

ha! MAybe it was that little prayer!

So glad you got a little piece of happiness delivered from an unlikely source.


Melissa said...

THat is happy! Now, I wish my boss would aks me the same thing.

I love getting home early! I am going home early today b/c I have a doctor's appointment. ANd I am so excited even though I have to go to the doctor!I'll be home at 4:30 instead of leaving at 4:30!