Sunday, December 30, 2007

Can you believe we're done with 2007? I must say, for me it started off pretty crappy...but it has ended on a high note. And, I can say so many good things about the year now. Lots and lots of hard work at the ranch, finally seems to be coming to a head...and there seems to be a tiny little light at the end of the tunnel. We made it out on one camping trip wich was really fun and relaxing. Then we went on a real family vacation...for a whole week! Kauai! That was unforgettable. And then I got to go on vacation by my self. No children, no husband. No real responsibilities for 3 whole days! And I had a super great time with a good friend :) But probably the best thing for me this year...Well, I realized something when I went through my mail on Christmas Eve...My mailbox was FILLED with Christmas cards..All from friends I've met throughout the year. It made me so happy, I can't even tell you! Thank you so much for our friendship, I really do treasure it! You all mean so much to me...really. But then after looking through my flood of cards, I began to feel really bad. What kind of friend am I? I didn't send out any Christmas cards. To anyone. Actually, I haven't sent any out in years. I think this is why: About maybe 10 years or so ago (I was still living at home with my mom)we decided to hand make our Christmas cards. I was really into stamping at the time so mom and I bought this really cute stamp with a snow man, the we got a nice Christmas message stamp for the inside, a "hand made by" stamp for the back. We spent days and days, cutting paper, stamping, painting, and glittering. It was exhausting. And I don't remember anyone saying anything about them. Not that they would I guess....but I just didn't get any satisfaction out of it. It was work. And I didn't enjoy it. So I think that kind of did it for me. But now I'm feeling so energized about it...Next year I'm sending out cards. Come hell or high water!
So what else is new for 2008? Well, I'm not really a resolution person. I have a hard time commiting so resolutions just don't really work well for me. But I do have a few things that I kinda want to just "work on" this year.
* get back on my 1700 calorie a day thing. This was much easier when there was an acutal goal (Kauai) but I still want to lose another 15 or so pounds. I feel like I need to give something else up...last year it was soda but I don't heart says I should give up coffee...but I dont think I'm ready for that.
* I want to do some sort of weekly journal/scrapbook/photo project. Thinking I might try this.
* Try something completely photo related...take a class (yeah right!), some sort of a challenge...thinking of either this or this. I don't know..seems like a lot of commitment and as I mentioned...I have an issue with commiting!
* Go on another trip by myself. That was just too fun!
* one last thing..I'm just praying, praying, praying for the ranch to open and be successfull. Lord have mercy, if nothing else just pray for that!
What are your plans, goals "resolutions" for 08?
Have a happy and safe New Years!


nicole said...

Thanks for the links on the photography challenges - I would love to do one of them too!! Let me know once you decide if your going to do one.
And I do also think I'm going to do the thankful album - although I need to get that thing put together in a quick hurry!!
Oh and if you need another weekend away - MN really is nice in the summer...and we do have the Mall of America here :)
Hope you have a great New Years!

Jude said...

Happy New Year Corey!! I was working on my gratitude album last night. I loved the idea when I saw it one her (emily f.'s) blog. I hope you do it too! :) I haven't done cards in forever either, don't feel bad, you are a busy mama!

camport said...

I'm working on the man half about some kinda girls weekend with ALL of us, this time. We'll see. Maybe CKU-Houston or some other central location?

Start workin' on your man and we'll get the rest of the girls{anyone reading this comment} rallied up!


Melissa said...

I am all about a girls weekend...let's pick a date and just GO! for it. ALL of us.

And, it's awesome you posted those sister just sent my a graditude journal for 2008 and it's ready to GO! AND, I am going to challenge myself to take a picture a day. I just got a new little Olympus point and shoot that fits PERFECTLY into my purse for some great daily shots.

It's my challenge, lets do it together...

And, don't worry about the Christmas Cards, I find it relaxing and fun to create them...

So great to have met you...

Kimberly White said...

Happy New Year Corey! So glad to have become your friend! Kim