Thursday, December 13, 2007


It's cold! It's only 40* right now! And by morning it will be down in the 20*'s. And there's no snow. It's cold without purpose. I'm sure my Canadian and Northern US friends are laughing at me right now...saying I don't really know what cold is. You know what? You're right. But it's still cold to me! I think I'd like to live in Minnesota or somewhere like that just for one winter to see what it's really like...but then that's it.
I'm ready for 80* weather again. Well...right after Christmas. Christmas can be cold, but then after that bring on the heat!
Nothing new here...but I'm gettin booted of the puter.
See ya! It's the weekend!!!


Jude said...

How did I miss all these blog entries??? Sorry about the boss, but glad about the schedule. :) I am liking October Road too... want to live in that town! I am with ya on what the definition of cold is, but I would like snow at Christmas!! :) Congrats on the Catwalk too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nicole said...

So I do have to say I had a little giggle when I read that 40 was cold - if we would get 40 tomorrow I would say it was warm here!!! Right now our temp say -4.5 degrees - and that's without the windchill...but if you are still up for experiencing a MN winter you're invited to stay here :)

camport said...

I'm with you! One winter in MN would be enough. Well, maybe not the whole winter. Just a week or so and that would be good.

I would love to see some snow, play, sled, build a snowman...

It's been pretty cold here, too, according to the news. It's so funny to see people in hoodies when it's 60 degrees outside!


Ronda P. said...

You are right, that's not cold! -10, that's cold. Don't go to Minnesota for winter, you'll miss the sun....LOL but Colorado has lots of sunshine with the snow and the temp isn't too bad. In fact we are going tubing next weekend!

Melissa said...

I would like one week of COLD and then just cool. Crossing my fingers for a non80degree Christmas here :)