Sunday, December 23, 2007

I am the biggest dweeb...

We drove all the way to the ranch, got out of the car with my camera to take a shot of the newly finished cabins, turn camera to "on" to see "NO CF Card". Dang it! Crap!
It never fails.
So, sorry no pics to share. Grrrr. I'm still mad at myself for that one.
We had a nice day though. A crisp morning turned warm in the sunshine to where we didn't even need jackets. We took a ride around the fence and helped Pete put up the last gate. Ok so maybe I just stood there and looked pretty. But that's helping, right?
I left Jake up there with Pete and Megan and I came home to start laundry and get some more stuff ready for Christmas. I guess the boys will be home soon. Megan is handful though! This girl is into EVERY thing. And if I tell her "no" she just laughs and keeps doing it. She's started to get a few spanks for getting into things she's not supposed to...she cries for a second (only because her feelings are hurt) and then goes right back to doing what she was doing. She wears me out! She is so cute though...if you say "I love you" she blows you a kiss. "mmwah!" I love it.
I'm listening to Christmas music on right now. I think there is possibly only 3 Christmas songs ever written and all done by various artists. They keep playing "White Christmas" "Rudolph" and "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas". They even play the same song back to back. Enough of this crud. It's supposed to be "classic Christmas" and they haven't even played anything by Nat King Cole. What the heck?
Jake funny-So we're at the ranch today and we go into the bunk house. Pete has it stocked full of food for him and the guys he has up there working. Jake opens up a can of honey roasted peanuts and starts munching.
Me: hey bring me a nut, Jake. Please.
So he walks over, I hold out my hand and he drops ONE peanut in my palm.
Me: that's it?
Jake: well, you said A nut. so I brought you A nut.
Dang literal kid. Just like his dad. Who just happened to find that little scene hilarious. Ha. Ha. Ha.
If I don't post before...Hope you all have a very, Merry Christmas!!!
I seriously can not wait to see my kids faces Christmas morning!


camport said...

make sure you remember that CF card for Xmas morning pics!! They really should have some kinda back up, b/c I forget mine all the time. You'd think somewhere in that camera they could've built something that would hold just a few pics...

Love the Jake story and the Megan getting into everything, too. So cute! Maybe not for you, but for the rest of us.

Merry Christmas!!


Kimberly White said...

Merry Christmas Corey! (Joel laughs when I discipline him too ... GRR! 2 year olds!) Love ya! Kim

Melissa said...

Tanner laughs must be a kid thing.

Dang with the memory card. Did you get the message that I called??

merry Christmas!