Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving ...

Was SO good. And too short. This is my mom and Mike bringing the bird off the grill. I'm tellin ya, this is THE best way to cook a turkey. Holy smokes, every year Mike never ceases to amaze me with his turkey cooking talents. It was so juicy, and tender...melt in your mouth goodness.
Anyways, as you can see, we went up to my moms for Thanksgiving. It was just the 6 of four and them two. But it was nice. Years ago we used to have big crowds, it used to be a weekend event, you know? Family from out of town here all weekend...Big dinner on Thursday afternoon with a table stretching from one end of the house to the other, movies and games. Leftovers Friday night, more games...then antique shopping on Saturday and counting all the Christmas trees on tops of the cars coming down from Apple Hill (a local area for fresh trees). Those were some of the most memorable Thanksgivings and memories that made this my favorite holiday. Though the crowd has dwindled, the company is still good (and the food more than excellent) and it's still my most favorite holiday. Thanks Mom and Mike for making this year just as special as all the rest. :)
I had to work today. I think that should be like against the law or something. It just doesn't feel right! Plus it messes up the whole rhythm of things when you have a random day off in the middle of the week! And Pete did have the day off today, so that made it all the worse when the alarm went off at 5:30 and only I had to get up. There was no traffic this morning so I made it to work in record time. I actually had about an hour to spare before I had to be in the office. So, I stopped at Khol's. I don't even really like that store, but heck they opened at 4am..they have to have something good,right? Well, I pull into the parking lot and whoa, it's full. But surprisingly, I have no trouble finding a spot. I see the TV station van parked out front of the doors. I walk in and it actually doesn't look that bad. There didn't seem to be THAT many people in there. Boy was I ever wrong! I started walking around and noticed there was actually no one shopping...everyone was standing in line. There were HUNDREDS of people that wrapped around the store probably 3 times waiting to check out. They all had piles and piles and PILES of stuff. And they were all just standing there like a herd of turtles. I've never seen anything like it. I turned by butt right around and marched right back to my car! I still had about 45 minutes to waist before I had to get to the office so I decided to try Michael's. It wasn't too bad but I honestly didn't know what I wanted or needed there so I kind of walked around aimlessly...Ran into Michelle from work who actually had today off...Then I found a shadowbox that I'm going to make up for Megan's room.
So no real Black Friday coolness for me...Oh yeah! I DID go online when I went to work and got fabulous deals at Old Navy. I got each of my kids 3 outfits for less than $100 including shipping! And THEN I went to and bought Ali Edwards Life Artist book...such a deal! 16.50 with tax and shipping!
So I guess today wasn't so bad.
Except for when I got home...Dang Pete ate all the left over mashed potatoes! Every last smakrel of em! oooh he got an ear full from me!
possibly some shopping
maybe moving of some furniture to accommodate the Christmas tree
maybe some more baking
we'll see
Hope you all are having a great weekend!


camport said...

herd of turtles and every last smakrel! Funny post. The table stretching from one end of the house to the other, love that. So true.

Glad you had a good one. And...I'm going to check out


Melissa said...

so funny about kohls. I avoided that store like the plague. It's too crazy at this time of year. You have to pay me to go there now...

at least you go some good deals!

Kimberly White said...

That turkey looks delicious! And there's no snow! Oh how I wish there was no snow and that the sun was shining! Oh well! I'm planning to start decorating on the first - but I do have some shopping done! Have a wonderful day Corey! Kim

Jude said...

LOL at the Kohl's people. It is crazy here too and I refuse to go out in it anymore. Sorry you had to work, and YES all the businesses should be closed! :) I loved the Life Artist book.

Brown English Muffin said...

Hey can you give me directions on cooking a whole turkey on the grill I'd love to try it some time...also what year is your cousin in at cousin is also at Brown I believe this is her second or third year!

Cheryl Wray said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous Thanksgiving!!! We fry our turkeys now and, oh my goodness, it is SO good!!!