Friday, November 16, 2007

Real life. Right now.

There she is...taking every last bit of tupperware out of my cabinet. Again. This is life for us every day.
Hold on, this post is all kind of randomness!
I can't believe it's Friday already. And I've been a bad blogger. And Thanksgiving is less than a week away. I could have sworn we had another week. I'm ready for it though. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I suppose it will be a little strange and a little sad without my grandma though. hmmmmm. Ok I didn't come here to cry. (not today anyways)Let me change the subject...
We bought a new car. Well not a new car. A new old car. A little Honda for Pete. Turns out driving the big ole truck from here to SF every day and to the ranch 3 or 4 or more times a week was costing us ohhhhhh I don't know $1000 dollars a month. Yeah. Need I say more?
Remind me never to go on a scrapbook cruise. I was checking out Donna Downey's blog and she just got back from one. I didn't realize there were so many ummm...old people on cruises. And, I'm totally NOT against old people. Heck no. I guess that's not what I would call a good time. It seriously looked very boring. I could be wrong. Oh and I really have nothing against Donna Downey either (except that maybe she's pushing her "stuff" way too much on her blog) Ok now everyone thinks I don't like old people. My grandma was one cool chick. Seriously all I'm saying was that the pics on DD's blog looked like everyone was about to fall asleep. Donna and her husband were the only ones having fun. So it appeared. Of course, if I were to go on a scrapbooking cruise with say...all my blogland scrappy friends....WELL that might totally be a differnt subject! Now that sounds like a good time!
Yoga pants are the best things ever. I'm not kidding. They are so comfortable. At least the ones I have are. And no..I don't do yoga.
Speaking of exercise...You know how like a month ago I was like "hey my pants don't fit and hey I've lost 15 pounds" or whatever? Remember that? Ok well the truth is, I totally made that 15 pound thing up. yep. The thing is, I don't have a scale. It's one of those things were I just never got one. You know, I didn't put it on my wedding registry so I never got one. So I just figured it was about 15 pounds that I lost. Anyways, the other day I was at my friends house and she's commenting on the fact that it looks like I've lost weight...yadda yadda yadda...She happens to have a scale in her bathroom...long story short: DUDE, I have lost twenty-seven pounds since January. TWENTY SEVEN. 2. 7. wholey crap! I thought the scale was broke. I had to get on it 3 times just to make sure.
While I was at my friends house I took some pictures of her new baby girl. If your interested, you can see them here The first half are unedited and then the 2nd half I kind of photoshopped...well as much photoshopping as I know how to do. But I think they turned out pretty okay.
I'm planning on a pretty crafty weekend. I've got all kinds of little projects started. We'll see how far I get with it. And maybe I'll post again over the weekend. Have a good one!


camport said...

Shoot! I can't see the pics. It just pulls up the slide home page.

27 pounds? Go ahead girl!! That's like losing a whole leg, with the booty cheek included. Good for you!

After coming through CA, I can see how it's possible to spend a grand/mo on gas. That's insane. Yay for Hondas!

Can't wait to see some of those projects you've got cookin'.


Melissa said...

Holy Cow! That's a lot of weight girl! Way to go!!!

We are looking for a car for lease. Way to much to make two car payments. I don't drive much (except to and from work) so it's cool for us.

I too have been busy crafting this weekend. I actually was doing a DD project from one of her books. Totally funny how you talk about her on your blog (and I agree with what you posted!)

:) Off to finish my current project.

Kimberly White said...

We don't own a scale either - so proud of you about the 27 pounds! Woo hoo! (I on the other hand am gaining weight - but that's a good thing!) Love your pics of baby K - she's beautiful! HAve a wonderful day! And hugs about not having your grandma at your Thanksgiving celebration! Kim