Monday, November 19, 2007


Sometimes I forget he's still a little boy. He's such a big kid in so many ways. He speaks very well. He can go potty by himself. He can dress himself. He brushes his own teeth. He can almost tie his shoes. He gets his own drinks from the fridge. This morning though, I looked at him sleeping...he still sleeps with his tounge out like he's sucking on a binky. And I looked at his arms and he's still so tiny. Not tiny like a baby of course, but still a little boy. Sometimes I think I expect too much out of him. I expect him to look after Megan and watch her when they play outside. I expect him to behave when we're in public. I forget he's still just a little guy. Tonight he was all cuddled up with Daddy on the couch. He was so quiet I forgot he was still not in bed. I turned and looked at him and he was sound asleep, snuggled into Pete's arms. It was the sweetest thing! He's still my baby. It's hard to believe he's going to be in school next summer.


camport said...

awwwww. ditto on everything you said. I even picture Jake as so much younger than he is. He's a cutie.

Did you take a picture of him asleep in Pete's arms? And you HAVE to get one of the sleeping tongue if you haven't yet. I see all kindsa scrapbook pages coming!


nicole said...

Totally hear where you are coming from! Thanks for the reminder for me too :)

Anonymous said...

you're still gonna feel that way when he's 10, 18 or 25. He'll always be your baby - some things just never change. . . . ;o

Melissa said...

I needed to hear that too...I forget that Tanner is only 3 1/2. There are things he does that make him seem older, and there are things he does that remind me he is still young.

But, he will always be my baby boy. No matter what.

Kimberly White said...

sniff .... they grow up so fast! Happy Thanksgiving Corey! Kim