Wednesday, August 08, 2007

little bit of randomness

Thought I'd better post while I have the chance...Pete is still up at the ranch and won't be home for another 1/2 hour or so...Kids are sleeping soundly so I'm taking advantage.
I'm totally rested up from the time off work and camping trip. Seriously it was just SO needed. I actually had some work to do today. It felt good to have something to do! I actually only cruised SIS maybe like 3 or 4 times. That's totally sayin' something! Cuz dudes, if I'm not careful, they're like totally going to kick me off that site too.
Sunday I got home from camping, uploaded all my pics to Costco and picked them up Monday afternoon. I am SO loving Costco right now. One hour photo, totally awesome quality. Only, I swear I picked matte finish and they gave me glossy. I really don't like glossy, but oh well. Every time I get pics back I think I have to scrap them like RIGHT NOW. The only thing that without some thoughtful preparation...the pages turn out kind of so-so. So I haven't posted any to any galleries or anything. I'm just kinda holding on to them for now to see if they maybe grow on me or something. I'm totally feeling the need to refurbish my stash. I have to admit, I'm one that totally gets inspired by NEW stuff. I LOVE having new stuff. I'm also really content to use what I got, too....because I'm totally cheap. If I think I can "make-do" with something else, I will. Maybe it's all the CHA stuff that is plastered on all the scrap overload with all the coolest new stuff. Makes me want it. Seriously, scrapbook companies hardly need to pay for marketing. They can practically get it for free. It's like: "Paper? Someone said paper?...oooohhhh paaaaperrr....Must have new paaappperr." Ok, I'm getting weird. But I know you girls know what I'm talking about. It's a serious addiction. Where is the 12 step program? I need rub-ons....and chipboard...
Ok, wow...that was a tangent!
Cameras! So yeah, mom graciously donated to the "Corey needs camera fund" and I get to get a DSLR! Whooo Hooo! Problem: I still don't know which one to get! I totally thought I knew. I was all stoked up for the Nikon D40...which is Nikon's newest DSLR/comparable to the D50 (which is what Melissa has) It's really reasonably priced, has AWESOME reviews on EVERY site I've looked at. I even went to Flicker camera finder, and guess what, the thing takes freakin radical pics. Ok so why the debate then, right? Well, Monday I head over to Best Buy (seriously, why they call themselves Best Buy, I will never know. They are freaking expensive!!) Anyways, I felt I really needed to HOLD the camera....and of course they had the Canon Rebel sitting there too. So I feel I really need to hold BOTH of the cameras. Uhhh. They are really both awesome. First-the Canon....LIGHTNING fast shutter speed. I mean it almost was scary how fast that thing shoots. AWESOME. Nikon-still pretty fast, but NOTICEABLY slower. How much does this matter? I don't know. The LCD screen on the Nikon was very noticeably larger than the Canon, and the menu seemed slightly more user friendly. Also, ALL the reviews of the Canon are awesome too. So I'm just torn. I don't want to spend all this money and find out I bought the wrong camera. But it kind of seems like I can't go wrong with either of these. I'm not a professional, nor do I ever expect to be. This is my first SLR and honestly, I'm not really going to know what to do with it! I'm really looking forward to learning a LOT more about photography. So with all that said...I'm going to pose this question one more time just to get a consensus....Canon? Or Nikon? Which would you rather have. I know Chrissy and Melissa both have either and both are happy so any opinions, pros or cons would be greatly appreciated!
Ok, off to bed!


Jude said...

Still hanging on to my cheesy Kodak, so I cannot offer any advice!! LOL... Hope you find one you like though!

Melissa said...

We went with Nikon based on a recomendation from my sister who shoots professional pics with hers (a better model). And, basically because I liked the reviews of Nikon better.

Shop around for the best price, which may even be online. They are expensive little buggers!!

nicole said...

Hey Corey..
Well I have to say I have the Canon and love it - but I have always had a canon (point & shoots) up to this point- so it was just easier for me to stick with a canon since much of the menus and funtionality was the same. I have no idea on the Nikon's and really didn't look into them so I can't give you pros/cons - but the Canon is very nice - (and I know my cousin just got the xti at Costco for a reasonable price). Good luck!

Linda said...

totally love my canon rebel. I carry it with me almost everywhere I go and just love it. And shutter speed...yeah baby. Anyway, good luck with the decision. Where in California do you live? I'm in Northern, CA above Sacramento

camport said...

I love my Canon, but I've heard they're just about the same camera.

Definitely just get whichever is cheapest and DO shop online. You can get some awesome packages for about the same price as the camera alone. However, do not buy from J&K Camera. They are everywhere and their pkgs rock, but their customer service is absolute crap and they take FOR-EVER to ship your stuff. I'm talkin' 3 weeks +.

Costco or Sams usually has just the camera for pretty cheap, but online has major bonuses.

Good luck, the pictures from both will be excellent!