Monday, August 13, 2007

Dessert week in the Wilcox house

MMMMMM blackberry cobbler. Made this on Sunday just to be nice to Pete and I got "this is really good". Which is saying a lot. He usually doesn't complement food too often. I'm calling this week "dessert week" because dang if I'm not making 3 desserts this week....maybe even more. I made the blackberry cobbler on Sunday. (you can find the recipe here...this is a totally awesome blog by the way...oh and her regular blog is pretty cool too..) Anyways, tomorrow night I'm making cupcakes for Jake to take to Grandma's's his birthday :) THEN Wednesday night I'm making a chocolate cake to take to work for someone elses birthday. Dessert week for sure. Saturday I'm thinking of making homemade ice's what we always did for birthdays when I was little and I'd like to make it a tradition for my kids too...since both their b-days are in August.
I hope I don't gain all my weight back before I go to Hawaii!...This is why I'm eating Lien Cuisine for lunch all week.
This is very interesting and kind of really sad. I saw it on someone elses blog. I've heard of this website before, but I guess I didn't really think it was real?? I don't know I never gave it much thought, but this video kinda makes you step back and think a bout the world.
That's all I got. I will be practicing with the new camera this week....which I have another story about but will have to wait...I need to get to bed.


nicole said...

Yummy! Dessert week?!..I could totally go for that!!
I also saw that video - it is crazy..and I found myself thinking about it randomly all weekend.

camport said...

spooky video, deep. One of those things that stays with you.

Yay for desserts and birthdays and I hope your camera story isn't a bad, it's a piece of crap kinda story!

Can't wait to see b-day pictures.


Jude said...

Sounds like a yummy week at your place! :) I think the cobbler looks delicious. How is the new camera working out??? Happy Birthday to Jake! :)

Melissa said...

wild and weird video...makes you think.

:) dessert looks good!!