Thursday, August 30, 2007

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*I'm warning you now..this post has no real point..just another one of my random ramblings about stuff*
Funny thing I just noticed....Just put Jake to bed a second ago. I swear, he really is more like me every day. Little things I notice here and there. I have this kind of funny thing where I can not stand if the sheets and blankets are messed up on the bed when I get in. Pete could sleep with half the comforter falling on the floor and the top sheet balled up in the middle of the bed. Me? No. Can't stand it. The sheet and blanket have to be all strait and neat when I get in. No mother, I don't make the bed when I get up in the morning. You'd think I would...but who has time for that? So anyways, back to Jake...last night his comforter had fallen off the bed so when I got him up this morning I just threw it on top of the bed and we got dressed and left the house as always. (I'm a great house keeper as you can plainly see) Tonight I'm tucking him in and he says "make sure you fix my blanket first mommy" he gets in and I cover him up and tuck him in all nice...He says "oh! it's so nice and strait!" and lets out a little happy giggle. He was so happy about it! I just chuckled to myself and smiled. He truly is my kid. 100%. No doubt about it.
Little miss Megan had her 12 month check up today. That girl is 33 inches tall! Think about that for a second and let it sink in...she's 12 months old and 3 inches short of 3 feet. Yeah, she's totally off the charts in height.I'm growing a giant. She's so funny, she holds anything she can find up to her ear and "talks" like it's a phone. For instance tonight I see her toddling around with one of my flip-flops up to her head and she's babbling "ma-ma, ba ba ba! Hi!" So funny!
Haven't talked about my job in a while...If you've been following along, most of you know I took a new job earlier this year after working for another company for the last 6 years. Well I'm going to go ahead and write it out loud....It quite possibly was one of the worst decisions. hmm. yeah. Aside the fact that I'm completely bored every day, fight to stay awake at my desk and probably within the near future will need medication to stabilize my mental health, I'm working for a company that very well might be going under. Some of you know I'm in the mortgage industry and well....if you watch any news or own a home or are trying to sell a home, you can probably guess that the real estate market is pretty much in the crapper right now. And so is the mortgage industry. And, I just happen to work for the one company that is ALL over the financial news these days. Yeah, the one where the CEO of the company looks like he sleeps in a tanning bed? Yeah, that one. I don't really have anything else to say about it, but I do wonder if my days are numbered there. I mean how long can they afford to pay me to do nothing? Not really sure what I plan to do, if anything, about it. Just ridding it out for now, but lord have mercy, it's dread full.
Our office likes to take up charitable collections for certain things all the time. Not that I'm against charity, NOT AT ALL....but sometimes we really struggle just to make it to the next paycheck. I feel so pressured to donate stuff to these things. This month being back to school and all, we set up to donate backpacks and school supplies to a local elementary school in Concord. Michelle and I went and delivered them yesterday. Wow, this school could not have been in more need for this stuff. Most of the students there are very low income Hispanics or Asian and a lot of them barely even speak English. There were parents in the office that didn't speak English at all. We walk into the office and it's sweltering in there. It was 100* in Concord yesterday and there was no air conditioning...NO AIR CONDITIONING!...and there was about 20 kids sitting in the office at 2:30 because their parents "forgot" that it was an early day. For some reason here in CA the kids get out early one day a week. And their parents FORGOT they were there! How sad is that? There were 4 ladies working as office staff...besides the fact that there was no air in there...they had desks in places that weren't supposed to have of them stuck out into a doorway. The "staff room" was about as big as my bathroom with a refrigerator that had to have been about 40 years old. It was just sad. Why is education not held to a higher standard in this state? I've been out of the education scene for about 6 years now and I guess I just forgot what crap these kids and teachers have to deal with. I saw signs posted in the same school district on one of the major streets in town saying 350 teachers left the district because of benefits. 350!! And do you think they were replaced with quality staff? I doubt it. They were probably replaced with "teachers" that are still in school and haven't even finished the credential program. It's sad. It's becoming more of a real issue to me now that I have kids going into a public school system here next year. I could go on and on I suppose but I better quit here.
Pete is gone to Idaho for the week so you know what that means....chips and salsa for dinner, staying up way too late etc...
Guess I better get my butt upstairs.
See ya :)


Anonymous said...

Hey, Cor, you come be that neat bed thing naturally. I'm pretty much the same way. . . don't like making the darn thing in the morning but sure want it neat before I get in. You always had to have your "square blankie" on top! Squares up, of course! Your kids are a complete reflection of you! They want to be just like you and do all the things you do. No wonder Jake wants a neat bed and Meggers is already "talking on the phone"! What a hoot!

p.s. Have you called Dora yet?

camport said...

kids are so funny. At my in-laws, Felix walked around with a plastic eggplant to his ear the whole time, yammering away. In his defense, the stem did look like an antenna.

that sucks about your job, but I have been watching the news. yikes!

so another weekend alone, huh? I hope you've got somebody to hang out with, or somebody to take the kids and give you a break.

Megan is HUGE! That's awesome. Future volleyball player for sure! Is Jake tall too?

That's so sad about the schools. The public school system really is going to crap. It scares me.

Love your random post!


Melissa said...

Randomness is good :)

I also am growing a giant. Tanner is OFF the Charts for his height. IT's crazy!!!

It's sad what the public schools are like. SO very sad. I get nervous about sending Tanner to a public school, but I can't afford to send him to a private one unless I work there.

And, my heart is not into teaching anymore. We are underpaid, overworked and because our society holds professional athletes at a higher standard then their teachers, then the education system will continue to go to the crapper.

Didn't mean to go off on that tanget...But, I get frustrated when I hear about how LOW our education system has gotten.

Sorry about your you have something to fall back on?

Tanner likes to text message to mommy with one of my hold phones...

nicole said...

Love random posts...especially since that is usually how my mind works :)
Crazy about the sad - and also something I think of alot more now that my kids are getting older!!
Oh and good thing she is using a flip-flop for a phone...William called the police the other day because I let him have the real one!!

Jude said...

I love straigh bed sheets too! I wake up and re straighten them if they get all balled up in the night, it makes me crazy!! LOL. SOrry baout your job, that stinks. WHat will you do if they cut back?
Have a fun week of chips and salsa! LOL...

Mika said...
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Mika said...

Great to read your story, Mika (