Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Blagh. Why do I do this to myself? I've only in the past maybe 2 years or so decided that I like coffee. I am a coffee wimp. For those of you that go to Starbucks and order a Vente anything I say wow. If I order a Grande, that is pushing it. Mostly I can only handle a Tall. Anyways today I got here to work and for some reason I decided I needed 2 cups of coffee. I dont' know. Maybe it's the fact that I think I'm mildly lactose intolerant or just coffee in general is just too harsh for my system. But I'm practically bent over typing this. My tummy is just in knots right now! Note to self: ONE CUP IS ENOUGH. Blagh, blagh, blahg!
I digress...
I almost forgot my friend Ronda tagged me the other day. So here goes. 7 random things about me. (I don't know why, but this was kind of hard!)

1. I have never, ever, ever dyed my hair. Not even highlights. And I'm paranoid to do it. My hair is my one thing. People pay lots of money trying to get this color. Mine is natural so I figure why mess with it?
2. I sound like a little girl. Solicitors call my house and ask if my parents are home. If I'm in a particularly good mood, I'll tell them No, they left three days ago for the store and I haven't seen them since...I'm all alone and really scared. And then I quickly hang up. I'm sure I'll be punished somehow for that one, huh? I know, I'm evil aren't I? Bad Corey!
3. When I was in grade school and Jr. High I played the clarinet. In 7th grade I switched to the bass clarinet. They are huge. I was a nerd. I loved it.
4. I am scared of heights. Like if I'm on a ride at an amusement park, that's ok...But if I'm in a tall building I can't get near a window without feeling dizzy. (and I just happen to work on the 10th floor of this building!) Same thing if I'm in the mall on the 2nd story. Total freak out.
5. I'm also freaked out about escalators. I hate them. I'll ride them, but I have to really concentrate when getting on and off. I'm scared that my shoe lace will get stuck, or I'll trip getting on or off. And then there's the heights factor again. And the dizziness sets in.
6. i love scrapbooking. but you probably already knew that.
7. I had braces for about 4 years. Got them right about the time I started playing the bass clarinet. Great mix...red hair, freckles, braces and a band geek.

Well, that's all I got. I tag anyone who hasn't done this one yet. I know it's been going around for quite a while now. So if you haven't done it yet, DO IT! Cuz I said so. ;o)


nicole said...

So fun to read your list Corey...I also played Clarinet...although never graduated to the bass :)
And had braces...actually twice because I didn't wear the retainer!
And am extremely afraid of heights...but the hair dye - that one I can't be with you on...actually I should really call for an appointment right now..ha.

Jude said...

Um, yeah... me too... on the hair dying... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA... okay, after that self amusing note, I did enjoy reading your list. I will live in fear of the day DSS comes and tries to take you away from your parents! :)
I played the flute... until I flunked band. You know, forged practice time sheets was an art form, I was simply passed over for the ingenuity it took to do so.

camport said...

Yeah, I was the red headed, clarinet playing, braced freak for a few years, too.

I'll have to call you now and see how childish you sound.


Melissa said...

I played clarinet, had braces and glasses. I was a TOTAL band geek.

I always wanted to play the french horn though. Or the piano....

:) I love coffee and often get a Venti at Starbucks. :)


Cheryl Wray said...

Loved your list! I was a clarinet dropout; played for one year in jr high and couldn't play it at all! No musical ability whatsoever!!
Wow...that's a lot of coffee!! The only thing I can drink are the Frappacinos at Starbucks. But yummy...

Kal said...

This one time, at band camp... Sorry ladies. I WAS THE ULTIMATE BAND GEEK. I played ALL of the saxphones, the piano and the flute. PLUS, I played in the jazz band, the regular band, the advanced band, was a band tutor...

[total geek]

Don't feel bad. Everybody else hated me, too. :(

Ronda P. said...

Loved your list. Look at how many people share your story. Here's what we have in common.....I have a childish voice. Yep, solicitors ask if my mom is available.