Sunday, July 29, 2007

Letting go

So Jake has found himself a new friend in the neighborhood. He's a little older than Jake...I think he starts Kindergarten this year. His name is Cody and he is a really great kid. Doesn't mind at all that Jake is a little less sophisticated than he is. Extremely well mannered. He's very generous and shares. Jake says "hey Cody, look at my new shoes!" Cody says "hey buddy, those are super!" He's just a real cool little kid. Jake saw him outside last night and I let him go out front and play for a little while. It was late though, already 8 o'clock so I only let him stay out for about 20 minutes. Cody promised Jake he'd come over tomorrow and knock on his door so they could play again. So he came knocking about 11:30 this morning.
So, why am I over here pacing the floor, peeking out the windows to make sure Jake is alright? I keep thinking to myself...Maybe I should go get him. (he's only been over there for 45 minutes) Every time I hear a car coming, my heart races just a bit, hoping he's not standing in the middle of the street. I told Jake he had to stay outside and could not go in their house. I'm paranoid for what reason, I have no idea. I met Cody's dad last night. Nice guy. So what the heck am I worried about? My kid is so good, he's not stepped one foot in the house over there.
So anyways, what the heck is wrong with me? When did I turn into this crazy protective hovering mother bird? When I was a kid, even as young as Jake, me and the kids in my neighborhood ran all over the place. My best friend (she's still my best friend today) Kari and I met each other when we were 3. We were constantly at each others houses, walking in unannounced...So why can't I let go of Jake like my mother did with me? I know times are different then they were in the 80's. But still. Did my mother have little panic attacks like this too? He's turning 4 in 2 weeks, certainly I can let off the leash a tiny bit? It just freaks me out that he's growing up. And that obviously, I'm not good enough entertainment anymore! LOL!
Really, I'm so happy he has someone to play with. I know how bored I used to get growing up.
Anyways, so I better go check on him, right? Right.


Brown English Muffin said...

Oh gosh...please oh please tell me why reading this is making my eyes water...I can't believe it that I'm nearly crying.

I think it's because I'm scared of the day when my little one grows up and ventures out like this as well.

Oh gosh how terrifying for you...sorry I didn't come on here with tons of advice and words of encouragement...I guess I came to let you know you are not crazy...I'm the crazy daughter is barely 15 months and I'm over here crying about when she turns 4 and wants to play with the kids next door!!

Good luck, keep smiling and know that someone up there is watching over him no matter where he goes!!!

camport said...

Right! Was he fine?

I'm the same way, you just never know. And you can't get 'em back if something happens.

Plus, I always feel like I'm totally burdening the other parent if I let them go over to their house to play.

There are tons of issues with growing up. I've haven't had this problem yet, of letting him go outside alone. I don't know what I'd do, but I'm sure it would be awfully close to what you're doing.

Poor, poor mama. You aren't over reacting at all. Do what you need to do!


Jude said...

You are NOT over reacting at all. I about had a heart attack letting Lincoln go to VBS with his aunt! I think you are SMART for making him play outside, and yep, I would've been right there peeking out the window too!

nicole said...

I think it is so much better to be over protective than not! You just really don't know what or who is out there - and it's definitely a different world than when we were kids!
Oh already so frightened of this day myself.
But it is nice that he has a buddy to play with :)

Anonymous said...

Corey Ann, you are not over reacting! You don't remember, but when you were that little I was always checking on you when you were over at Kari's house. And her mother was doing the same thing when she was at your house. I'd call on the phone or peek over the fence just to make sure you were alright. Although Jake will be 4 yrs old in just a few day, he's still a LITTLE BOY! And little boys (and girls) need paranoid, over protective parents. So, relax, let him play with the kids across the street, but keep your eye peeled at all times! Love, Mom

Melissa said...

I would be so paranoid and have already checked like 10 times. I'm like that.

I even check on Tanner at school. It's pathetic.I'm pathetic.

But, in today's world, I guess you can never be to sure.

How was the playdate??

Kimberly White said...

I'm a protective mama too! Only Grandma and Aunties and one of my friends has ever babysat Joel. Silly I know. But I get you. Hope Jake had fun playing with his new friend ... hope you are having a wonderful day! Kim

Cheryl Wray said...

It really is cool to see our children becoming independent, making friends, being social...SO exciting to see it, but also sad in a way for us parents. It's hard to let them go, even in those little ways.