Friday, July 13, 2007

Not myself yesterday

Do you ever feel like someone or something else has taken over your mind and body? No really. I'm serious. Yesterday I was just not myself. Something else was controlling my brain.
Example 1:
Wednesday night I got my CK magazine in the mail. I flip through it briefly and see an add for the Nikon D40. I think to myself...hmm, I think that's the camera Melissa says she uses. I see they have a special website for this particular camera...they gave it out in a town in SC to 200 people and let them use it. Huh, I think, maybe I'll check that out tomorrow at work. I shut the magazine, put it by my purse so I remember to take it with me the next day, and I go about my evening as usual. So, I get here to work yesterday and of course I've finished my daily duties within the first 20 minutes of my day. So I pull out my mag and start flipping through....And there I see that add once again for the Nikon. So, I pull up the website and start browsing. Then all of a sudden, it was like my brain went, "click", and that extra terrestrial possession took over. All of a sudden my brain was telling me I had to have this camera. No. I NEEEEEDED to have this camera. Now. OCD clicked in and I started completely obsessing over it. I went to every website I could find with reviews, like Consumer Reports and Best Buy and all kinds of other ones. I considered going down to Wolfe Camera on my lunch break to check it out. I started plotting how I was going to obtain said camera. Where could I get the money? Maybe I could apply for a credit card and get it! Yeah!
Ok, wait...let me back up a second.....You might think this is normal behavior. But for me it is SO not. This camera is like $600. I do not spend money. For essentials, yes. Scrapbook stuff, yes, but I haven't bought one SB thing in 2 months. *gasp* I freak out when I go to Target and spend over $100 bucks. I. do. not. spend. money. Especially on frivialise things for myself. I also have this thing were if I can't pay cash for it, then I don't need it. (except for, of course, a house, a car, etc...) I don't have credit cards. So thinking of applying for a credit card just to get something I think I need is just completely out of character for me. fast forward...
So, I'm sitting at my desk and I just can't stop thinking about the camera. I call Pete. He's at work:
Me: Hi. Can I spend $600 dollars?
Pete: Huh?....What? What??! No! I gotta go.
Me: dang it.
We hang up. He didn't even ask me what I wanted to buy. More internet browsing..... Then my mom calls on my work phone:
Me: (in the spirit of every good only child) Mom, could I borrow $600 dollars?
Mom: What for?
Me: a new camera.
Mom: No.
Me: Please?
Mom: No.
Me: But I said please!
Dang it!.........Dang it, dang it! Why does no one understand that i MUST have this camera now?
Well, I still kept thinking about it all day. I talked to Pete about it again when he got home. He actually said I could have it. Just not yet. So now, I've stopped obsessing. He said we could probably get it before we go to Hawaii. *yeah!* We'll see. I might have a panic attack in the store and put it back. ( I do that sort of thing all the time)

Example 2 of brain take over:
Again, this happened yesterday. I'm on my way home (still thinking about the Nikon) and I stop at a red light. The car next to me goes right on through the red light. hey, that guy just ran a red light. I watch the cross traffic go....I watch pedestrians cross the street. The light is still red. And I'm looking right at it. All of a sudden my right foot lifts off the break, moves over to the accelerator and I move forward. I'm in the middle of the intersection when I look up and the light is still blaring red. WTH?!!! I just full on ran that red light after sitting there for like at least 60 seconds. What in the heck possessed me to go? It was so strange. I gasped out loud and looked around. And everyone is staring at me. What was I to do but keep going? Luckily, there was no cross traffic, and there were no pedestrians and about 5 or 6 seconds later the light actually did turn green.
Has this ever happened to you? It was just crazy!
*sigh* That's all I got I guess. Hoping for a good weekend. I think I'm going to go see my dad tomorrow. :)


camport said...

OMG, that is so funny. I find myself second guessing intersection moments. Like after I'm completely thru the light, I say, "Oh crap. Was it even green?"

I obsessed over my camera, but I got a GREAT deal. Check online, but DO NOT GO WITH J&K CAMERAS. They have the best deals on ebay, but THEY SUCK. That's where I got mine, and the pkg deal was great, but they messed with me over a comment I left on ebay. It took me over a month to get it AFTER the $1000+ had already cleared.

Anyways, get your brain back first, buy camera second, stop running red lights third.

You crack me up.


camport said...

oh, it's not just cousin has the exact camera you want and he got it from J&K and it took him over 3 weeks to get his.


Melissa said...

So funny.
In my house though, my husband obsesses over this stuff, looks for the best deal and the presents it to me.
This is how it worked with my camera. (and our big screen tv, his car and a couple other things)
I have the (D50 btw). I liked it, but couldn't see myself actually using it.

NOW, it's my main camera. I use it way to much. Snap more pictures than usual. I barely even touch my other little snap and shoot Nikon. (I use that one to photgraph layouts).

Basically, I'm not being any help.

We got ours at a Ritz camera and didn't buy the Nikon lens. We got a different one b/c it was cheaper, but still a good lens.

And, stop running red lights. It's not good.


Kimberly White said...

LOL! I totally get you about feeling guilty about spending money ... except you seem to be much better at staying in you budget then me. (Proud of you by the way) I also totally get about obsessing over something and NEEDING it. And yes, I have run a red light like that. I was so embarrassed. Glad you didn't get hit! Have a wonderful day! Kim

Jude said...

Sounds like a freaky friday the 13th for you!LOL. I have been the same way about some things I want. Totally obsessed. Put aside the idea of actually buying it for a month, then go back and re-evaluate... do you still want it? is it a good price? what is the price breakdown over they years of use? Soooo... do I sound like a CPA or what??? LOL.
I do not advise any more red light running though. The people probably thought you were just being a firey redhead! :)