Monday, June 11, 2007

Monday, Monday...

Back to the grind. I'm ready for a vacation...or a weekend something. Like camping. I love camping. Didn't go last year because of the baby in the belly. Funny thing about starting a new job. You lose all seniority and you can't use any vacation till you've been there for 6 months. Poop. That means all summer I got nothin! 3 more months until Hawaii!!! But, I'm hoping to plan maybe a little weekend get away sometime soon.
I had high hopes for this weekend. You know, a little family time, good food, sunshine...that sort of thing. Well, it didn't turn out exactly like I planned. It wasn't really a bad weekend....But it could have been better. Our community pool opened on Saturday. They were having a big grand opening with a BBQ and prizes and all kinds of fun stuff. We were all anticipating it all week. So Saturday came and Pete and Jake got up to go to the ranch. The plan was, go up there, feed the animals, and come right back in time to go up to the pool by 1 o'clock. So Megan and I hung out all morning. I felt a slight head ache coming on, but decided to ignore it. I got her to take a nap so she'd be refreshed for the afternoon. Then right about 1...the phone rings. It's Pete. He says they're not going to be able to make it. "Why? What happened??" Well, someone broke into the ranch. Someone stole about 10-15 thousand dollars worth of tools, equipment, the ranch truck and a motorcycle. I could not freaking believe it. I felt so bad for him. The last 8 months of blood, sweat and tears....all for what? For some one to come and take it all away? Talk about being kicked in the gut. The worst thing is, it was probably someone we know. It had to have been. They new what they were coming for. They knew what was there. I mean this ranch is SO far out in the middle of no where. The house and barn sit at least a half mile off the road. This wasn't some random burglary. It's just such a sinking feeling. But we're not going to let it get us down. What can you do, right? So, we'll just keep moving on.
The slight head ache I mentioned earlier, quickly turned into a massive migraine. The kind where you feel kind of sick to your stomach. But Megan wouldn't allow mommy to be sick, so I took her for a walk up to the pool. I got our keys and talked to a few neighbors and then just headed back home. Jake and Pete didn't get home until after 9....exhausted and dirty from head to toe.
Sunday was church and that was about it. In the afternoon I took Jake up to the pool. We get up there, walk in the gate and the little bugger decides he doesn't want to go. Man, that ticked me off! I don't know why, but he'd been talking about it all day, then we get there and he wouldn't even put one toe in. I'm going to try again this weekend. I think he might have been overwhelmed with how big it is and all the people. So we'll see what happens with that. I want him to learn how to swim!
Anyway, so that's about all that's going on around here. Not too exciting, huh?
Wishing you all a happy day.


Jude said...

Oh my word Corey! That is so terrible about Pete's ranch equipment. Will insurance cover it? Did the police have anything to go on at all??? I am so sorry for you guys. DOn't worry about Jake and the pool... Em cried for like the first month last year, then one day, he finally jumped in and it was like he realized, "Oh, this IS fun!" Plus, he was starting to get hot!! LOL...

camport said...

Crap! That sucks so bad. I'm with Jude, will insurance take care of it?? Geez, I hope so. I hate theives. Nothing worse than somebody taking what's yours.

I hope it all gets worked out.


Brown English Muffin said...

Ok so I just finished Judes CJ of quotes and my mantra is "Do onto others what you'd want them to do to you" because "What goes around comes around"...and I feel really bad for the people that broke in. Just as bad as I do for you they will be heart broken when it comes back around to them.

I am glad you kept your head up though...good for you.

And what's up with Jake not wanting to go into the pool!!!

Kal said...

Yikes. Now is the time for the bulletproof positive attitude. If you need some - I got extra. ;)

Kimberly White said...

Hugs to you guys! What a crappy thing to happen. Hope today is going better! Kim

Melissa said...

I am so sorry to hear...I hope that everything works out.

And Jake will come around about the pool, then you won't be able to get him out!!!

:) Melissa