Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I should know better than to eat.

Seriously. I need to remember that certain things like cream cheese and sweet coffee and ice cream tear up my tummy! I can't help it though. When someone brings fresh bagels into the office are you not supposed to partake in the eating of said bagel? How can you possibly pass by without snagging a bite?

Yes, this would be more ramblings of my bored brain. I'm warning you now! First, note to Jude: I laughed so hard when I read your comment yesterday! I so wish I could do that! She said to make my job more interesting, I should enter things wrong in the computer just so I could go back and fix them! Dude, if I had something to actually input into the computer, I would be all over that! I've had a tiny bit more to do today than yesterday. And it's almost 2:30 so that's a good thing.

2 oddly funny things...#1: I went to Baja Fresh for lunch today. I love mexican food. I could eat it every day. Anyway, so yeah, there was this pretty little Latina girl at the counter taking my order. I was looking at her make up. She had sparkly brown and white eye shadow in like perfect triangles and then painted on black eye liner that went way past her actual eye. But that wasn't what got me. I'm standing there looking at her going "what is so odd about this girl??" I couldn't quite figure it out. I gave her my money, stepped back and then all of a sudden it hit me. She was completely eyebrow-less! She had NO eye brows. Not even painted on ones. All I could think about was the last episode of Greys Anatomy...Where Christina turns around and says something like "Mother got me" to Meridith. I can't remember the exact quote, but if you watch the show, you know exactly what I'm talking about. She turns around and her eye brows are gone, just like Burkes mother. So funny. So that's all I could think of when I looked at this girl and I couldn't help but snicker just a bit.

Oddly funny thing #2: Well, maybe this isn't really funny. But it is odd. And forgive me for the crudeness of it. I'm talking about bathrooms....public bathrooms. Do you ever wonder what the heck people do in there? So we share a bathroom with about 5 other suites on this floor of our building. I go in there to do my business, and one stall is currently occupied. I give the girl in there the courtesy of the "one stall in-between rule". Does anyone else do that besides me? If there is clearly room for an open stall in between me and the other person i'll go to the next stall over just so we both have a little more privacy. Anyways I'm sitting there and I hear a muffled sound of the toilet flushing. She's still sitting. Ok. Whatever. Then I hear the unrolling of the toilet paper holder. some more muffled sounds....then here we go with the paper again. I'm done by this point, I flush and get ready to exit the stall. Then I hear more unrolling of toilet paper. What in the heck is she doing with all that TP? Do I really want to know? No, I decide. I do not. But I stood there, washed my hands, I even lingered there a bit messing with my hair to see if she'd come out, or at least flush. Nope, just more unrolling of the TP again. Ok, have I lost you all now? You all think I'm crazy don't you? I DID warn you, didn't I? I know there are certain circumstances where a little extra TP might be necessary, but I don't think there was any left on the roll when she was done. Am I the only one that thinks these things? I'm a total bathroom snob aren't I? I'm sorry if you're the girl with all the TP.


Melissa said...

Love Mexican food...when I win the lotto and we are all neighbors, I'll have mexican food for lunch at least a couple times a week. :)

I often wonder about public bathrooms. My husband has this thing about them...he won't do #2 in a public restroom unless it is an emergency. We have been known to leave a store with a cart full of stuff just to go really is a burden..

if you are still bored at work, let me know...


Jude said...

I despise public bathrooms, and have been known to have amazing bladder control in order to avoid using them! LOL... Glad you had some work to keep you busy yesterday! ANd yeah, I LOVE Mexican food too! :)

-karen (akaliz) said...

that was me in there with all the tp! jk :)

perhaps she ran out at home and didn't want to buy any! like my nana who used to steal all the sweet & lo.

we eat a lot of mexican it, love it! but sometimes we end up eating it all the time. my hubby says, "So? Mexican people eat mexican food everyday!" silly.


Brown English Muffin said...

OMG I could totally eat Baja Fresh right now and it's 9:15AM!!! I love dinner food for do you like Chipolte's as well? I like it better than Baja Fresh but I have to be really really hungry as their portion sizes are so big and I don't have the discipline to stop once I am full! LOL

When you said something was wrong with that Hispanic girl I swear I thought you were going to turn around and say that it was actually a man and not a woman!!! LOL By the way is the correct term Latina or Hispanic I never know.

I think Judes idea is a perfect idea!! Type in all CAPS or something and then go back and change it...hey what do you do again anyway, was it something with mortgages? My short term memory is non existent sorry!

AS for the bathroom thing...ok this is going to get nasty but here goes....when it's that time of the month, there have been occasions where lets say I needed a WHOLE lot of TP because the "plug" didn't work! Hope that makese sense. And when the "plug" doesn't work...I'm that woman in the stall next to you rolling tons and tons of toilet paper out to clean up and temporarily "plug" until I can run back to my desk to get another "plug"!!!

HA!! Just reading that is sooo funny...I hope you know what I mean though!!!!

You toilet snob you!!!

Carla said...

you crack me up. and i loves me some mexican food. i'm sure since you live in California its about as easly to get as it is here in texas!