Wednesday, June 20, 2007

there's no such thing

Did you know....there really is no such thing as the stomach flu. Really. It's true. I just Googled it.
I stayed home the last to days with sick kids that did not have the stomach flu. They were throwing up and had diarrhea...but they did not have the stomach flu. All Google searches came up with a clear answer that there is no such thing. That the "flu" is a respiratory condition caused by a virus. Stomach "flu" is also caused by a virus....but not the same virus. Ok jeeze! But come on....don't we all still call it the flu? A bug is a bug, is a bug...know what I mean? So what if we call it the flu? Why do we have to be so technical all the time? I came back to work this morning and miss know it all had to clearly point out that there was no such thing as the stomach flu. So what. Whatever. Yeah, she's right and I'm ok with that. But seriously why do we have to be so technical? I worked with a guy once that was like that. I was talking about ice cream and how I've always loved rainbow sherbert. I wasn't even talking to him...but he had to turn around and butt in and let me know that sherbert is not ice cream, it's sherbert and that it's not sherBERT it's really sherBET. Then he turned around to his computer, brought up Microsoft Word and typed in both and did spell check. He was right it really is sherBET. He even went to Baskin and Robins website to prove it to me. But don't we all call it sherBERT? Everyone I know (except him) calls it sherbert. Who cares anyway?! If you're right, you're right...and I'm ok with that. But like I you really care that much?
So yeah, both kids have been sick all weekend. It started with Megan on Friday. When I woke her up she had thrown up in her bed. I just thought it was had been pretty hot so I thought maybe she'd gotten over heated or something. But later that night she had gotten diarrhea. And she's had it ever since. And Sunday Jake threw up. And then again last night. And I was sick Sunday too. I took them to the doctor yesterday and was told that Megan's issues were due to teething. Ummmm...I know that teething can cause the diarrhea, but like this?? (I won't go into details...i'm sure you can's bad, really bad.) Come on people. I know there's nothing they could do anyways. A virus just has to run it's course. I know it.
So I'm back to work today...even though the I don't think they are all better. Is it horrible to admit that I needed a break from the poo and vomit and whining and crying? Does that make me a bad mother? If it's really bad my MIL will call me and I of course will come running.
Before the sickies started on Sunday, my MIL and I took the kids and 2 of my nieces up to the pool. Jake actually got in and had a good time! Before the afternoon was over, he actually was jumping off the side if one of us was there to catch him! Such an improvement from the day before. Well, a complete 180* to be honest! I knew it would just be a matter of time. It was so good to see him actually having fun. He even practiced his kicking and blowing bubbles. So we're getting there! Baby steps.
I have nothing else interesting to report! I hope everyone is better by this weekend so we can go to the pool again.


Kimberly White said...

I call it the stomach flu (and I'm a nurse) and SherBERT. Come on - everyone calls it SherBERT. And hooray for Jake about the pool, and boo about the vomitting and diarrhea. Hope everyone starts feeling better soon! Have a good day! Kim

Melissa said...

While I have the stomach flu, I try to avoid sherBERT. :)

And you are not a bad mommy for wanting to get away from diapers and crying and fussing. You are completely normal. (Well aside from calling the stomach flu the stomach flu and calling sherbet sherBERT )

:) Melissa

dana said...

Thank you so much for the super sweet comments on my page. And as for tummy flu, I've had so many, and baaaad ones (stomach "viruses") that I call them viruses. I had one to last for 13 days. Not just lingering symptoms, but full blown--:(

Jude said...

Ok, I had no clue it was called sherBET... I have always said it with the R. Weird. and yes, I will embrace my wrongness. :) Hope the kiddos are all done with puking and such,that stuff is no fun!!!

Cheryl Wray said...

Okay, I totally say SherBERT although I know it's really supposed to be SherBET. And you should hear us say it with our twangy southern accents. LOL
I just found a recipe for homemade sherbert that i'm going to have to try!

-karen (akaliz) said...

i've always said sherbert until my texan hubby pointed out that there's no 'r'. but he calls it 'sherbit', just like he calls a writing instrument a 'pin'...whatever. i've decided that the south is like a different world from where i grew up. not bad, just very, very different.

hope everyone is feeling better!