Friday, April 06, 2007

Wow, so it has been a whirlwind of a week! Not necessarily bad though. I feel like I have been kind of a whiner lately...I don't really mean to be that way. I just stress a little sometimes and need to vent. So I'll start off with Monday. As I had mentioned before, I have lost my Social Security card. Big know?! Anyways there are several other documents that are acceptable to prove your identity....such as your birth certificate..Well, yeah I didn't have that either. And the next one was a passport...Well, I've never been anywhere where I needed a passport so I never got one. Craziness. So I show up Monday empty handed. I was told on Friday that I had to have either my SS card or my birth certificate Monday morning or they were going to have to send me home. I decided to go in anyways even if I didn't have anything...because how bad would that have looked if I didn't even come in? Bad in my opinion. Anyway....LONG story....I ended up driving over 200 miles that day! First I went to office is about 40 miles one way. Then I get there, they say go take care of this before you come back...So I go to a near by SS office....They tell me I don't have the right documentation....That they need to see my marriage license...Ok well I know where that is! So I drive ALL the way back home (40 more miles) Pick up my marriage license, Then I decide to go to this SS office near my house because I figure if they're not going to help me until I get my birth certificate, there's no reason in going all the way back out to the office. So I drive over to the Manteca SS office (about 15-20 miles) This is where my luck starts turning around...There are a TON of people in the office waiting. But for some reason I got lucky on which numbers they were calling. I only waited maybe a half hour at the most. I don't even think it was that long. The lady that helped me was so nice. I think the fact that I walked up to her window and presented myself well and smiled helped big time. Come to find out, I didn't need anything the other office told me I needed. She fixed me right up. Of course she couldn't just give me a new card right there...they have to mail them out...but she did give me a certified letter stating that I could work. Momma always said you get more flies with honey than with....well you know! So then I drive all the way back to work (60 miles) They finally decide that what I had was good enough for now and decided to let me work! *whew!* One big huge stress off my shoulders! And in other good news...I got my card in the mail today...4 days! Pretty good service coming from the government! Ha ha! The rest of the week as been just a bunch of training. We had 2 full days of in class training today and yesterday...that was another really good way to get acquainted with the people I work with (even though I've worked with them all previously) and it also gave me a chance to learn a lot about the company I'm working for. So it was good!
I am feeling SO disconnected though! Man, I can't really get on the Internet at work...Well, I can, but some sites are "forbidden". And, I can't check my email from there. THAT totally sucks! I hate that I can't check in on my bloggy friends every day! I actually so look forward to seeing what you guys are all up to. You all have become my friends, and are so supportive and CREATIVE! Man, I miss that every day inspiration I would get from you all! I have been trying every night to come and check in, but it's just impossible for me to leave a comment for everyone or reply to all the emails. This week I've had an average of 10 emails a day when I get home! One day I had 40! No I'm not kidding! (i love email!) I love it! But I just can't find the time to do all my wifely/motherly duties and hang out online! BUMMER! Time is certainly becoming a great commodity around here! So, needless to say, I think my blog posts might be reduced down to weekends only.
At least until things settle down a little. I sure hope you all hang in there with me! I love, love, love all the comments you leave and the emails and all the goodness you bring. I also love reading all of your blogs too and I'll comment when ever I can! Thanks for being such great friends!
Wow, this is super long! Hope you all hung in!
Have a wonderful Easter weekend! Jake and I are doing eggs tomorrow, I will for sure take some pictures!


camport said...

awww, just weekends?? It's ok, we understand. I'm glad that things kindof ironed out a little. Hopefully it will be smooth rolling from here on out.

I think we're gonna do eggs at some point today too. Can't wait to see all the pictures you take!

:) Chrissy

Jude said...

Hate that we cannot be your distraction at work anymore. I will be sending you an 8x10 glossy of myself for your desk... ROFLOL!! Glad you got your new SS card, funny though, I can't remember showing one for a job, but then, I haven't been formally working in a while so... :)

Jude said...

OH, I almost forgot, your circle journal came on Saturday... it is beautiful... you little sandbagger! I can't wait to work on it!

Kimberly White said...

So glad you got your ss/birth certificate thing figured out ... I was worried about that. Hope you have a great day! Kim

Melissa said...

I'm glad you were at least able to take care of your SS issues! I'll be sure to check in on the weekends to see how things are going!

Ronda P. said...

Okay I just read Jude's comment...maybe I should send you mine too and then you could have the both of us. Hang in there, sounds like things are turning around.