Saturday, April 14, 2007

A new layout and some Easter Pics

I finally did some scrapping! I feel like I haven't done anything in forever except the CJ. This one was highly inspired by page 66 of Ali's patterned paper book. I just happened to have the same sized photo and that same 7 gypsies stickers. I really like how this turned out, but I'm thinking it may be a little too busy. I love the colors and the patterned papers though. (All Scenic Route). Along with Jake are our twin neighbors who are also 3. They're names are Ciao (sounds like Kyle) and Lucas. Jake loves them and wants to play and eat at their house every day. Their parents are super great neighbors and they love that Jake just makes himself right at home over there. It's so funny, since the time change and the nicer weather we are all outside playing when we get home from work...Anyways, Paula (their mom) always makes an extra plate of dinner for Jake and all three boys sit and eat dinner together. They really are the nicest people. It's so nice to have such great neighbors.

Here are a couple of favorite shots from Easter. Megan wasn't very photogenic that day, but Jake sure was! This one is my favorite:

We tried to get Megan to look all springy cute with a flower...but all she really wanted to do was eat it. Here's all the girl cousins: Not the best picture, but this is Hannah, Faith (she's holding Meg), and Caitlin.

Jake running to get the golden egg:
Here's one of me and Meg, just for good measure. I don't post pics of myself too often and this one is just me holding the camera out in front of us:
That's my new favorite GAP hat. It's become my regular Saturday attire! Haven't posted any pics in a long while, so I loaded this post up. Have a great Sunday!


camport said...

YAY! Pictures. You haven't posted pics in a while!! Megan's grown!

LOVE the LO, it's not too busy at all. You have just enough blank space of the cardstock that it all balances out. Love it. I like how you used the "M is for" sticker. They're so big, I never find a use for 'em. They kindof get ignored.

Jake is so cute in the Easter pics and Felix totally ate the flowers on his first easter, too. I really like the self picture of you two! Definitely have to scrap it. Do you scrap in order, b/c I remember the bike pic from not that long ago. Am I the only one that scraps in order??

Megan looks just like your husband! I don't see ANY of you! Jake is a perfect balance of you two, but Megan is ALL him. :)

Post pictures more often, you're kids are too cute to keep all to yourself!!


Melissa said...

Love the pictures!
The layout is great! I need to pull out my Ali book and get re-inspired by her again....I love that book! And, it's autographed by her which is even better!

I too have "regular" attire for the weekends...comfy pants and t-shirts, unless we go out, then it's jeans and a t-shirt.

camport said...

In case you check this at work today, you have 3 emails waiting for you when you get home.

It's not 75% off, either!

It took me 3 emails to realize you said, you can't check your emails at work. One of 'em is the message I received from Jamie Waters. Not sure if it's like a computer generated, sent out to everyone kinda thing, or if I should really be excited.

I hope I can be excited!

Let me know what you think.


Kimberly White said...

Hi Corey! love love love your layout and all the pics! Hope you have a great day! Kim

Melissa said...

Thanks for your encouraging words on my blog today (getting noticed). It's true what you say about art and people appreciating one piece to the next. I have never really thought about it that way. Thanks.


camport said...

I think you should quit your job. You just aren't blogging enough anymore.

I think you should quit, go on welfare, and take up blogging full time!

:) J/k, but know that you're missed. Not that you're gone, but you know what I mean.


Carla said...

adorable pictures, love the layouts. sorry i havent stopped by in a while....trying to catch up on my blogging.

Capucine C said...

just passing by.. love the blog.. the pics of the children are really cute

camport said...

if you can, go check out our Yahoo group...we have a new idea brewing!