Thursday, April 12, 2007

Small doses people and the Bachelor and PMS

Hi everybody! Yeah, a midweek post! Things are settling down a bit...which is so good. I'm learning my job well. It's actually the same thing I was doing before, a little less responsibility, and just a new computer system and work environment. It's good. Commute....still bad, but I don't want to complain any more about it.
I feel like I've got a lot to report....or a lot of things on my mind anyway. I even sent myself a "Note to Self" email today from work so I could remember the things I wanted to get out! I'll start with PMS. Good Lord, do I ever hate PMS! LOL! This is probably my worse attribute. One week out of every month I am a complete and udder witch...not to mention an overly sensitive blubbery boob. Yeah. You guessed it...this is the week. I feel sorry for my husband and children and all others who have to spend more than 2 minutes with me during this week! Note to self: next time you decide to start a new job...make sure is right after "the PMS week" so you have ample time to adjust before the next PMS week! *sigh* Everything is going fine, really....Yesterday was just one of those overly sensitive days, and it got to me a little. But today was much better and I'm not going to dwell, so I'll just move on. I know it was all about the PMS and nothing else. You know how menopausal women get all weepy when they think they're not going to have their period anymore? I just don't really get that. Take's fine with me! I will not miss it.
Moving on....Small Doses People....Do you know what I mean by that? Do you know someone in your life who fits this description? They are really great people, and you sincerely like them, but you can only take so much of can only be around them for so long before your emotionally drained, or dare I say, annoyed. Know anyone like that? Luckily, I don't know many...but I just added one to my list. Michelle. She's a lady that I work with...the lady that is training me. Michelle and I worked together at the old company but in separate departments....Honestly now that I think about it, I never really spent more than maybe 10 or 15 minutes at one time with her at the old job. As I said we had different job functions and we would stand at chit-chat for a few and then go back to our desks. Anyways I really do like her. She's older, in her late 40's but you wouldn't really know it. She's a cool person, very smart and she and I come from similar back grounds. We were both in child care/education and ran summer camp programs before we came into banking. So we have good things in common. She also has the best shoes and the best jewlery! But here is where the "small doses" comes in. This is why I get a little annoyed....She is very opinionated (not always a bad thing) and she is very much your typical "Californian". She is very liberal and doesn't hesitate to let you know that. I consider myself to be very conservative. So anyways Michelle finds it okay to push her liberal political views on everyone....let me take that back...She assumes everyone thinks the same way she does. Take President Bush, for example...she has no problem bashing the heck out of him openly in the office. Now, we may (well maybe not, I wouldn't want to assume) but I think the general population would agree that Bush is probably not going to go down in history as one of the "greatest leaders of our time". That being said, I don't think it's ok to just go around thinking everyone hates him and say horrible things about him all the time. She's the kind of person that would totally challenge you if you didn't agree with her, because to her, if you don't agree with what she's're wrong. And she's not the kind to back down. In the 2 weeks that I've been there, she's brought politics up 3 or 4 times, and she always looks for a laugh when she says something bad about Bush. I hate it! I end up just turning around and excusing myself from the conversation. That's the only thing I know how to do. It works, but just listening to it eats at me! Another conversation we had: You mom's out there will get a kick out of this... Michelle says there is "No such thing as 'Stomach Flu'. She says it's always food poisoning. Yeah. All you moms out there who spent a whole week in February trying to get the puke smell out of your house (or RV *wink*) raise your hands! Do you think there is no such thing as stomach flu?... I rest my case. But Michelle gets her last word in by saying "well, that's what I was told", and gives me that *you're a dumb ass* look. hmm I don't think so. So besides her forceful opinions and her having to know it all, I do like her. She is really funny, and a fun person. But in Small Doses. Do you think this is just a symptom of the PMS?
I was going to write a little bit about what I though of the show the Bachelor...but this is getting rather lengthy and I've still got to get in the shower so I think I'll just end with this....Have ya'll been to Chrissy's blog? She is just the sweetest thing. I know she's been kind of feeling down for a while, but I think she's coming out of it. I feel happiness when I read her words. Anyways, today she wrote the most endearing post about all of her blog buddies. I had been thinking of doing the same thing myself and she said it all perfectly. The Internet has become such an amazing avenue, and this blog thing has turned out to be way more than I ever expected. Just one post on Ali's challenge and *poof* instant friends. And I mean that sincerely, you are my friends and I hope we all might be able to meet IRL some day. I must admit, I was a little sad to find out that Chrissy was not going to make it to California this time around. But only for my own selfish reasons. The thought of a new friend to show around, and two adorable boys to play with Jake, excited me. BUT, I am so happy to know they are going to Seattle. Chrissy, I just know it's going to be great up there! I am so excited for you and Sean! I know it was God's plan for you all.
Ok, I'm off...have a wonderful Friday!
***edited to add: I will eventually stop talking about my job. I promise!


Melissa said...

I have a person in my life I can take in small doses. She is a story-teller. Has a 20 minute story for everything. The kind that go from one topic to the next and you don't even remember where it started.

That kind of conversation.

Glad to hear work is getting better.

Kimberly White said...

I agree about all the friends. It's amazing to have friends that you have never met in real life. Glad things are work are good (except the commute, I did one for a long time and used the time to pray and listen to tapes. I miss that (but not the drive). Hope you have a great day! Kim

Jude said...

Oh yes... I have a few "Quota" friends... meaning, I have a limit with them, and then my quota is MET for a while. Usually a long while! LOL...This lady sounds just like someone I know. As long as you agree with HER opinion on everything, you will get along great! UGH!!!! I was looking forward to your Bachelor commentary, so you will have to do it next time okay??? :) Have a good weekend!

camport said...

My best friend is a liberal now. Went to college, turned into a liberal. Like you, I don't think Bush will go down as a great, but I think he's doing his best with what he has and is the lesser of two evils considering who COULD be our president.

I'll email you with the rest of my views...

I hate, HATE people who push their opinions on you. Especially if they are stupid opinions like no such thing as the flu. Uhh, food poisoning does NOT cause a can tell HER, that's just what you were told. :)

And...AWWWW. Thank you. I am disappointed about CA too. I really thought it was gonna happen. The hospital in San Ramon never did call. Maybe next time. Or MAYBE we can meet at DisneyLand one day soon. I've been working on Sean about that one. :)

We're off to go spend some money!!

:) Chrissy