Friday, April 13, 2007

*Ahhhhh, Friday*

So I figured out how to post a YouTube video here...quite easy actually! I've flipped my radio station..Been listening to....I guess they are calling this "Alternative Adult Rock"...whatever! I like it, that's all that matters! This song is currently making me happy, happy. I just wanna dance when ever it comes on...and I'm not a good dancer so that could be scary! This is Maroon 5 and I guess they haven't released a new album in 5 years or something. This is the new single. Happy, fun car dancing song. You know the kind of song...the kind of song that makes you keep dancing even at the red lights and you don't care that everyone is watching you! Actually, now that I think of it...this song totally reminds me of the Roller Rink. It totally has a turn the lights off, strobe light, roller rink, disco feel to it.

I'm in a good mood...can you tell? It's Friday and it feels good...PMS is gone...serotonin level is up...2 whole days ahead with nothing but...nothing. What could be better?...well lets not go into that...lets be happy with what we have now, huh?

I bought our tickets to go to Hawaii last night! woo hoo! I can not wait! I've never been anywhere off the continental US. I'm so flippin excited. We don't go until September, but that is ok...I'm still trying to lose weight! Some of you might know that I've been kind of on a diet since January. I haven't really talked a bunch about it, basically because I haven't wanted to jinx myself. But guess what? I think I've lost about 10 pounds! ( I say I think, because I don't own a scale and I'm too cheap to buy one! ) But I've dropped a pants size! People are starting to notice too. 3 times this week my MIL told me how "skinny" I look. Now, I wouldn't go that far...I am FAR from skinny, but someone is noticing and that feels so good. *smile* It's been 4 months since I've had a soda. I love Coca-Cola...especially from a fountain. This is the one part of my "diet" that I have not cheated on...not even once in 4 months! I can not help but be proud of myself. Even my mom can't believe it. Honestly, I think this is the only reason I've lost weight. Because I really haven't changed my eating habits all that much. I was limiting myself to 1700 calories a day but I have pretty much forgone that in the past month because of the stress of the new job and such. Starting monday, I'm back on baby! All the way. 1700 calories. I can do it's easy, really. No more cheating...lose another 10 pounds. Woo Hoo! White sandy beaches, a cool breeze, palm trees, and a cute tankini that I don't look like a heffer in, here I come!

The Bachelor: As requested by Jude...and as promised from my last post...My personal commentary:

The Bachelor...first of all, I didn't even know this show still existed. I mean haven't they had like ZERO success rate? Oh wait, there was Trista and Ryan right? But technically she was the 'Bachelorette' so I don't think that counts. Anyways, I went the other day to catch up on LOST and saw they had a new show posting in the "full episodes" and I realize it's: The Bachelor, An Officer and a Gentleman. Good grief, could they get anymore cheezy? Most of the girls probably weren't even alive when that movie was out....Wait, do they even know it was a movie? So yeah anyways, of course I had to watch it! LOL!! I both love and hate this show...always have. I love it because, darn it, It's just darn good TV! I mean the guy is freaking HOT. This one they have this time is a lieutenant in the Navy and a Dr, AND a 6 time Iron Man Triathlon finisher, AND a humanitarian charity guy. Oh yeah, and he's hot. I hate is voice though. He has absolutely no charisma. This show is fun because even though you pretty much know it's all a joke, you can't help but hope he keeps picking that one girl you like and that maybe, just maybe it really will be true love. And I love this show because it's just so fun to watch all these bitches (for lack of a better word) battle it out...they are so stupid. They read off their bios and they are all med students or lawyers or have a masters degree. And yet they are mostly all stupid whores. Or at least the show portrays them as such. I mean seriously, how in the world could 25 women all "have feelings" for or "really feel a connection" with one guy? Come on..we all know you just want some more face time! What always gets me is the after the 2nd or 3rd rose ceremony there's always that one girl who is just sobbing, she's completely beside herself because she didn't get a rose and she says through her sobs, "i really felt like i was falling in love with him...I never thought I could feel this way so fast"...sob, sob sob...Come on, you've know the guy 3 days and 15 other girls are dating him! I can't help it though, as much as I hate it, I keep coming back for more! Even Pete gets sucked into it. A couple of times last year he stayed up to watch it when I fell asleep! LOL! This show always seems to prove 2 things to me: 1) girls are mean and stupid. And 2) no matter what they say, guys will always like the fake boobs. Anyways so that's how i feel about it. Just good smut TV!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Jude said...

ok, so first off, I knew you were a car am I. :) Secondly, I didn't want to say any of my Bachelor opinions because I really wanted to hear yours without having showed my complete and utter confusion as to how dumb some of these gals make themselves look. AND... how it never works out, they do not stay together. AND...there is always a weirdo to spice things up. AND... yet it sucks me in.Sad, but true... however, at least this time, sleep usually wins out by 10:15 because of the knockedupedness. :)

Melissa said...

It's funny because Andy and I were talking about dumb shows and this one came up. I was like, there hasn't been one in awhile, I guess they figured it thing you know, a commercial.

Guess they haven't figured it out.

It is a silly show, but I watch junk like that. Ever see "The Hills" or "Laguna Beach?" on MTV? dumb shows about rich teens, but I still watch them.

Not quite the Bachelor, but, it's still filled with dumbness...

Since you got me so intrigued, I think I may have to catch a back episode of The Bachelor while scrapping this afternoon...

camport said...

Also a car dancer. I've pulled my children in with me, too.

I didn't know you guys were going to Hawaii! Are you taking the kids? How exciting!

Congrats on the weight loss! I can't believe you haven't had a coke in four months. I would die. Seriously, shrivel up into a tiny ball of non-existence. I have no resolve whatsoever. And I'm lazy. I would suck at dieting.

I agree w/everything you said about the Bachelor. He is hot! But I haven't watched it yet. It's just sad. I mean it's fake, but towards the end, when it's down to 2 or 3 and the guys have lef them all on and then they break their hearts, it's sad.

Pathetic really. As are the men that admire the fake boobs. I wish I had some, fake boobs I mean.

:) Chrissy