Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Me and Pete

I keep trying to upload a picture into my profile, and it just won't work!
So this is a picture of Pete and I in June this year. We went to the coast for our 6th anniversary. I was about 7mths pregnant! But it was fun anyways :o) I don't see much of me in our new baby girl. To me she looks just like him. I never thought I'd end up with a blue eyed baby, but Megan sure looks like those bright blues are here to stay...Here she is today gazing up at the mirror above her swing... She absolutely loves looking in the mirror! Such a girl.

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Jami said...


Awesome pic of you and Pete! It so helps to put faces with names and such. I know how you feel about the blue eye thing. My second daughter, Jessica has blue eyes, and that is a miracle! one thing I have learned about this blog thing.....if in your settings you let anonymous comments then others who dont have a blog can leave a comment, there is also a box to check that will tell you if you get a new comment, it will notify you via email. Oh, and one more thing, you are a stunningly beautiful young woman! I know your mom is so proud of you and Pete is a lucky guy! I love red hair, almost obsessively. Keep blogging!