Thursday, October 26, 2006

And this is Jake...

Isn't he cute?! Of course every mother thinks their kid is cute, but he really is...don't ya think? He's also very funny. Ever since he was a baby we have thought he's just so funny. I used to think..."well maybe I think he's funny because he's mine." But we've been told over and over by other people that he always makes them laugh. The other day he built a big "shark cage" out of blocks. " Look Mommy! Look at my shark cage!" He was very excited about it. I said, " That is totally awesome dude! You rock!" He got a very serious look on his face and said, " Mommy, I NOT a rock."

See, he doesn't even try to be funny, he just is!

You may have noticed that I changed the background of this blog. I thought this was a little more my style right now. I'm a scrapbooker and I'm really loving black paper with colorful accents. So, this seemed to suit my mood. For now anyways.


grandma Katy said...

As Corey calls him - "the tiny tornado" - Jake is the funniest little boy. Just ask his Papa!

Jami said...


you have become a blogging maniac!! Your blog is already awesome and I can not begin to tell you how immediately reconnected I feel with this part of my small family. Small as in know my dad had no siblings, so the only extended family I have had was moms....and as much as you may cringe at this.....that includes YOU and your family!