Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Today's Adventures

Redwood Park/Stream Trail
Jake had some homework to do for his outdoor education class so I figured this was another great opportunity to get out and explore! I actually came to this park Monday night for a photo shoot with my friend parents. There are beautiful picnic grounds here, but also miles and miles of trails.

While Jake did his 'sit spot' homework. Megan and I took some pics. These photos still don't look right to me on blogger, but oh well.

He was not into taking picture today. Or maybe this is just his new "cool" way of posing. ?

He looks so uninterested and tired. Poopy head.

I can't remember what these flowers are called. Anyone? They were gorgeous. Right along side the trail.

Isn't it beautiful?

I think it's my new favorite place.

1 comment:

CAmport said...

AMAZING!! I so hope we get to come to Travis eventually. We just have to!

The pictures are definitely sharper if you click on them and scroll through, but I think they look ok even if you don't.

Love the way M's eyes are glowing in that last shot. WOW!