Monday, June 04, 2012

Photo editing

Bare with me while I just try this out. I'm working on revamping my editing process and trying to get my pics to look better on my blog. I was going through my photos and noticing that I'm not always getting that real natural look that I prefer. I think styles change as time goes by just like anything and I'm finding I prefer a photo to look as natural and as less processed (?) as possible. At least in my own photos, that is. I also noticed that I like a warm tone, but some of my images were a little too yellow, especially here on blogger.

Here's my SOOC: White balance way off. A weird shadow merger coming out of her head.

Edited version: White balance warmed up, cloned out the weird merger, saturated colors a bit and sharpened for the web using unsharp mask at amount: 500, radius: .2 threshold 0. Image size was also changed to 500 pixels wide. (this was recommended by someone in my photography class to make photos look their best on the web) 
I'm hoping her skin tone looks natural here. Not too pink or yellow? 

I promise I do take pictures of Jake too, he's just not been a very cooperative subject lately. Any tips on bribing an almost 9 year old to pose nicely for mom?

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Jude said...

looks great! I have to resize all my pics for blogger. I use the on computer photo manager, and it has a "web size" crop, I think its like 800x600 or something? Not sure, but that and making sure my photos are not wider than my blog's pixel allowance made me post photos again!