Monday, May 14, 2012

Where I/we have been...

I just keep ignoring this little blog of mine. I don't really mean to, I do love it and all 8 of my faithful friends that read it. :)
Here's a little bit of what's been going on around here lately:

*Little bit of spring cleaning. I cleaned out my closet alone and got rid of 4 giant bags of clothes.
*Lots of enjoying the weather. I'm starting to realize after 2 years here that Spring and Fall are the best. But I still can't get used to the drastic temp changes. Saturday it was a gorgeous 75-80 degrees. Sunday I think the warmest it got was 64*. That's a huge change for one day.
*Play-dating. I've never really been a play date mom. But when you homeschool, sometimes you've got to get those friendships (both for them and for me) whenever you can. Besides my GPS taking me to the wrong spot at a gay men's "meet-up/quickie" place (yes, really O_0 ), it was really awesome. I found my way by using natural instincts rather than GPS :D The mom and the kids were both great. Doesn't happen all that often!
*Hiking. Jake's outdoor class had a field trip to a hiking trail right near our house that I've never been to before. It was so awesome. Megan and I decided to go back early to hike around ourselves and then convinced Jake to stay another hour or so after. I forgot how much I love to hike around and explore. All the wildflowers are blooming right now. I absolutely love wildflowers.

*Entertaining. We've had a few dinner and dessert guests lately. It's fun. And definitely keeps us busy.
*Still taking a photography class. I can not say enough good things about Karen's class. She is extremely knowledgeable. Not that I doubted that, but she takes this class very, very seriously and it is evident in the way she teaches and involves herself in the class. Still 5 weeks to go, but I can say totally worth the money.
*Trying to get ready for a wedding (Pete's littlest sister) and a vacation (to our church camp) and a 50th wedding anniversary (for close friends parents) all happening the same week in June. Why do people do this to me! LOL! It'll be fun though.
*Finally finding a dress for afore mentioned wedding.
*Smoothie making. I just got myself one of those Ninja blenders. Have you seen those? For less than $100 I can turn ice into snow. It's pretty awesome.
*Gardening. Thanks to the help of my green thumb mom, we got our garden planted finally this weekend! We got going a little late in the season, but I really think it's going to be fine. We wanted to start off with seedlings this year instead of seeds, but the garden centers around here didn't have much selection. So seeds it is. We've got more tomatoes that we'll know what to do with, squash, zucchini, potatoes, watermelon (per Jake's request even though I don't think it will grow here), strawberries, carrots, onions, OKRA!, beans, a variety of lettuce, and a whole bed that's nothing but herbs! Oh and bell peppers. Yes, we're taking CSA orders now. haha ;-)
* There's been so, so much more. Lots of enjoying life around here, that's for sure.

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CAmport said...

I think the meet-up/quickie point needs a whole post! Hilarious!!

I am so ready to meet some homeschoolers here! I NEED a playdate before my kids kill each other.

We have an awesome trail here that we stumbled upon. Not as pretty as yours, though. Maybe you should come see for yourself and compare. :D:D D.C. has LOTS of history and gov't, etc for homeschool fieldtrips.

I want to take that class! I wish I'd signed up for it when you did. :/

As soon as the $ from all the mover's damage comes in, I am getting a Vitamix!! I have a Ninja food processer that I like, but we're sold on the vitamix as soon as we can afford it. :D

I've given up on a garden while we're here. It's super wet here like Seattle and everything is green, but I just don't have the desire this year. I'd have to do all container gardening and I'm just...lazy.

Post more, post more!! :)